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Oracle’s‌ ‌Initiatives‌ ‌Amid‌ ‌The‌ ‌2nd‌ ‌Wave‌ ‌

Oracle’s‌ ‌Initiatives‌ ‌Amid‌ ‌The‌ ‌2nd‌ ‌Wave‌ ‌

The pandemic prompted several organisations to make a shift from their traditional methods to cloud services. According to sources, Shailender Kumar, Regional Managing Director, Oracle India stated that ever since the pandemic struck, the foremost priority towards customers has been to help them improve their business resilience on an ongoing basis.

At present, the company is closely collaborating and helping enterprises put their organisation’s data to better business use in these challenging times. Kumar said, “Their focus clearly is on faster, data-driven innovation. And there’s increased awareness on why Cloud is the best engine to aid faster innovation at scale.”

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“As a result, our customers have been able to free up valuable internal resources and sharpen focus on their core business. They have also been able to accelerate innovation and growth recovery,” Kumar added.

The report also stated that an interesting trend gaining traction is enterprises getting more comfortable with a multi-cloud model, where they use the best of breed cloud services from a trusted set of cloud providers. In this direction, Oracle‘s strategic cloud partnerships with Microsoft, VMware and ServiceNow are resonating well with the enterprise customers.

Last month, Oracle announced that it will migrate the companies’ most complicated computer programs to its cloud for free. According to sources, the cloud company is counting on its free support to persuade organizations that have not made a switch – or done so only partially – to opt for a move to its infrastructure.

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More than 100 customers have taken advantage of what Oracle is calling its Cloud Lift Services over the last six months, and last month the program has opened globally.

Vinay Kumar, a senior vice president at Oracle stated that over the last nine months Oracle has shifted 1,000 workers to focus on Cloud Lift Services and the Sr, VP is expecting that the offer will pay off for Oracle.

“Oracle is not requiring commitments, but the program is limited to what he called the “handful of applications” that would be most difficult for a customer to migrate and excludes ones requiring a thorough rewrite, Kumar added.

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