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Oven-ready AI Platforms Announced By Dell

Oven-ready AI Platforms Announced By Dell


Dell EMC has announced pre-defined workstations, server and Isilon scale-out filer bundles for data scientists and other researchers working in the artificial intelligence domain to ease the setup procedure.

With this initiative, Dell aims to reduce the time taken by customers for setting up workstations, servers, filers, system software, and installing cloud-native working environments. This innovation will provide more time to users for analysis and running AI models. Commenting on the announcement, a Dell spokesperson said, “AI initiatives generally start small in the proof-of-concept stage, but preparation and model training is often the most time-consuming portion of the job. Combining hardware and software, Dell’s new AI-ready solutions will hasten researchers’ ability to stand up AI applications efficiently.”

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A number of AI references bundles have been shared in a blog post by senior Dell technology strategist David Frattura, who says that the architectures encompass use cases such as machine learning, deep learning, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, data analytics, Splunk, data science and modelling. The key benefits that users can enjoy from the initiative are faster deployment, achieve greater model accuracy, accelerate business value and more transformation of the AI digital journey. 

A few cases that can be explored in details are:

  • The introduction of Dell’s EMC Ready Solution for data analytics which allows customers to use AI and data analytics to quickly gain insights from their data through a choice of pre-tested software and hardware configurations based on different use cases.
  • Dell’s Precision Data Science Workstation and Dell EMC Isilon scale-out NAS H400 through which data scientists can build their models on workstations while training these models using data residing on fast, high-performance scale-out shared storage.
  • Dell and NVIDIA have teamed to show how to accelerate and scale deep learning training workloads using the combination of Dell EMC Isilon, Dell EMC PowerSwitch and NVIDIA DGX-2™ systems through which businesses can deploy faster, achieve greater model accuracy and accelerate business value with AI at scale.
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