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Top Jupyter Hacks & Tricks You Should Try

Since we have recently shared an article on tricks and hacks of Google Colab, it…

Jupyter Announces The First Public Release Of Jupyter Visual Debugger

One of the most efficient tools for a data scientist, Jupyter plays a potential role…

Why Jupyter Notebooks Are So Popular Among Data Scientists

Why Jupyter Notebooks Are So Popular Among Data Scientists

Born out of IPython in 2014, Jupyter Notebook has seen an enthusiastic adoption among the…

Setting Up A Completely Free Jupyter Server For Data Science With AWS

Not all data science enthusiasts are lucky enough to have a machine that has the…

Top 5 Online Resources To Learn Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook is a web application where you can text, code, create and share your…

Jupyter Vs Zeppelin: A Comprehensive Comparison Of Notebooks

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JupyterLab – What is it?

The progress of the Python programming language has been immensely significant in the last ten…

Top 5 Alternatives to Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook, popularly known as Jupyter among data science aficionados, is an open-source interactive coding…

Kaggle survey

Indian Data Scientists Not Paid At Par With Global Counterparts

Over 25,000 data scientists and ML engineers have been surveyed to formulate this report.

A Guide to River – A Python Tool For Online Learning

What if you want to do machine learning with the data that is in motion? What if you wish to train machine learning models on real-time data? The answer is Online Machine Learning

Charlie Bell

Former Amazonian Charlie Bell Takes Over Microsoft’s Security Arm

Charlie Bell will be assuming his new role after a 23-year stint with Amazon AWS, where he oversaw engineering, operations, and product development.

Guide to Named Entity Recognition with spaCy and NLTK

In NLP data preprocessing tagging of data takes a very crucial part. here we is a type of tagging which we calls Named Entity Recognition helps in providing tag to Named entity.