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Bhasker Gupta

Our 10 most read articles in 2015

Now that 2015 is drawing to a close, it’s time to reflect. We are listing below, the 10 articles that made maximum impact on our

Developers Corner
Yugesh Verma

All you need to know about Bayesian marketing mix modeling

Traditional Market Mix Models are not much eligible to equip the hard data with prior knowledge. The simple models are defined with the parameters which are independent of each other. Bayesian Market Mix Models can be eligible to deal with such hard data.

Sreejani Bhattacharyya

Why Is Hugging Face Special?

Hugging Face has become extremely popular due to its open source efforts, focus on AI ethics and easy to deploy tools

Why NVIDIA GTC 2021 Is a Must-Attend AI Conference
Amit Raja Naik

Why NVIDIA GTC 2021 Is a Must-Attend AI Conference

GTC brings together brilliant minds from across the globe, to showcase the latest developments in AI. With 500+ sessions including technical, business strategy and sessions designed to accelerate tech careers, this makes GTC the must-attend AI Conference of 2021.

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