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Dr Shailesh Kumar, Chief Data Scientist, CoE AI/ML at Reliance Jio
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Shailesh Kumar

Dr Shailesh Kumar has over twenty years of research, academic, entrepreneurship, and industrial experience in building innovative solutions and platforms across various Industrial and Societal

Developers Corner
Victor Dey

What Is Graph Analytics & Its Top Tools

Graph analytics, also known as Graph Algorithms, are analytic tools that are used to analyze relations and determine strength between the entities present in an organization such as products, customers and services, where these relationships are depicted in the form of a graph. 

David B. Shrestha

The Future Outlook Of Smart Cities in 2021

The first-ever ‘smart city,’ so to speak, was Amsterdam’s eponymously named digital city, De Digitale Stad (DDS). This was not so much a physical, liveable

Ambika Choudhury

Top Twitter Accounts On AI One Must Follow

At the present scenario, Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have been portraying a critical role in the advancement of the tech sector. Social media platforms

Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez

Why You Should Learn Computer Vision Now

In 1966, Seymour Papert and Marvin Minsky,  launched the Summer Vision Project, a scientific experiment to try and get a computer to identify objects and

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