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Guide to Real-time Voice Cloning: Neural Network System for Text-to-Speech Synthesis

MultiSpeaker Text to Speech synthesis refers to a system with the ability to generate speech in different users’ voices. Collecting data and training on it for each user can be a hassle with traditional TTS approaches.

What is Apple’s Quant for Neural Networks Quantization

Quantization is the process of mapping the high precision values (a large set of possible values) to low precision values(a smaller set of possible values). Quantization can be done on both weights and activations of a model.

KGCNN and Ragged Tensor

Introduction To Keras Graph Convolutional Neural Network(KGCNN) & Ragged Tensor

KGCNN offers a straightforward and flexible integration of graph operations into the Tensorflow-Keras framework using RaggedTensors.

Inside Multimodal Neurons, The Most Advanced Neural Networks Discovered By OpenAI

In a major breakthrough, researchers at OpenAI have discovered neural networks within AI systems resembling…

Why Graph Neural Networks Are Gaining Popularity In 2021

Graph Neural Networks (GNNs) is a subtype of neural networks that operate on data structured…

Liquid Neural Network: What’s A Worm Got To Do With It?

The researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have developed ‘liquid network’, a neural…

Turbulence Modelling Based On An Approach Of Artificial Neural Network

Presently, one of the active ongoing challenging problems always prevails to the engineers and researchers is…

Hands-On Guide To Adversarial Robustness Toolbox (ART): Protect Your Neural Networks Against Hacking

The Adversarial Robustness Toolbox(ART) is a Python library which is one of the complete resources providing developers and researchers for evaluating the robustness of deep neural networks against adversarial attacks

10 Best Free Resources To Learn Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs)

A Recurrent Neural Network or RNN is a popular multi-layer neural network that has been…

To Err Is AI, Too: Researchers Have Built Neural Networks That Tell When They Make A Mistake

“Neural networks are really good at knowing the right answer 99% of the time. But…

A Beginner’s Guide To Neural Network Modules In Pytorch

A Beginner’s Guide To Neural Network Modules In Pytorch
writing a brief code that would explain it and then would give a simple explanation

10 Free Online Resources To Learn Convolutional Neural Networks

Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs) are one of the most important neural network algorithms in the…