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Vijaysinh Lendave

Guide To Real-Time Semantic Search

The word semantic is a linguistic term. It means something related to meaning in language or logic. Understanding how…

kumar Gandharv

Top 8 Semiconductor Companies In India

The global chip shortage crisis has adversely impacted major economies. However, despite the supply constraints precipitated by the pandemic, the semiconductor industry is poised to

Ram Sagar

How To Optimise Deep Learning Models

Increasing number of parameters, latency, resources required to train etc have made working with deep learning tricky. Google researchers, in an extensive survey, have found

Shraddha Goled

Dell Releases Omnia To Manage AI & HPC Workloads

Dell has released Omnia, an open-source software package to simplify AI and compute-intensive workload deployment and management. Omnia automates the management of high-performance computing, AI,

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