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Edge of Innovation
Srishti Deoras

Data Science Hiring Process At Lenskart

Out of the 7 billion + people in the world, around 30% don’t have access to vision correction services. Meanwhile, half of Indians (530 million)

Mystery Vault
Pavan Kandru

Guide to XLNet for Language Understanding

XLnet is an extension of the Transformer-XL model. It learns bidirectional contexts using an autoregressive method. Let’s first understand the shortcomings of the BERT model so that we can better understand the XLNet Architecture. Let’s see how BERT learns from data.

Workshop Alert! Hands-on Meta-Learning
Limitless Creativity
Sejuti Das

Workshop Alert! Hands-on Meta-Learning

The Association of Data Scientists (AdaSci), the premier global professional body of data science and ML practitioners, has announced a hands-on workshop on meta-learning on

Endless Origins
Kashyap Raibagi

Will IBM Sell Off Watson?

According to several news reports, IBM is mulling its Watson Health business unit’s sale in the wake of IBM CEO Arvind Krishna’s plan to focus

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