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Portonics launches “Yogg X” smartwatch in India

Portonics launches “Yogg X” smartwatch in India

Portronics, a pioneer in Portable devices and gadgets, has enhanced its Wellness Series by launching “Yogg X”- a smart fitness watch with a touch-enabled detachable dial and a water proof design. Yoggx joins their Yogg Fitness tracker which was launched last year.

With a detachable dial, Yogg X lets you track various activities such as– monitoring the distance covered, calories burned, steps taken, sleep patterns. It also shows time, date and battery status on the OLED screen. That’s not all; it can sync all the data with your smartphone via Bluetooth and alerts you when you achieve your goal.


The smart watch maker claims it to be water proof adding that even if it accidently falls and stays in a bucket of water 1 meter / 3 feet deep for 30 minutes, it will work normally without any glitch.

A design that integrates seamlessly in your daily active lifestyle, Yogg X allows you to:

  • Set up to six daily reminders and Yogg X will silently vibrate on your arm without bothering others
  • Shows you notifications about social media messages, SMS, emails, missed calls, reminders etc.
  • Monitors your sleep pattern and display it the next day.
  • Let’s you experiment with your evening habits like food, reading, watching TV, etc. and see the impact on quality of sleep.

A fully charged 55mAh battery lives up to five days.

Currently available in red and black color, its meager weight of 20 grams let you pull it off easily throughout the day. It is available both online and in offline stores for Rs 2,499. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices.

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