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Power Analytics Global Launched COVID-19 Impact Data Simulation Modelling Solution

Power Analytics Global Launched COVID-19 Impact Data Simulation Modelling Solution

Power Analytics Global Launched COVID-19 Impact Data Simulation Modelling Solution

Power Analytics Global has announced a new COVID-19 impact data simulation modelling solution. The goal of the solution has been designed to deliver a real-time predictive COVID-19 modelling and simulation tool for customers to cost-effectively manage, protect, and enhance their workforce’s productivity, along with having supply chains efficiencies, and critical network infrastructure optimisation. 

The new solution has the capacity to digest numerous types of data from any source virtually possible and process in real-time over two million data inputs per second. The infrastructure modelling library can model in real-time and boasts a proprietary library of over 30,000 pre-configured modelling components. The underlying data ingestion layer can allow a customer to run any data queries 10 to 100 times faster, at a fraction of their normal storage cost. This new real-time impact data modelling solution will allow users to make better decisions during the disruptions caused by COVID-19.

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The offering will allow customers to drastically reduce the cost, time and complexity of accessing critical, operational data from globally distributed network assets, infrastructure, and people. The hardened solution and real-time capabilities of this powerful new modelling tool will enable our clients to incorporate data from any source, predict trends, protect critical assets, and take action in real-time across all relevant components of distributed heterogeneous data sets, all while lowering cost, and increasing resilience. This powerful new platform simplifies and accelerates secure access to large, fragmented, and geographically distributed data sets to support the most demanding Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and IoT workloads.

The Power Analytics modelling solution suite gives network infrastructure management and electrical engineering professionals the required control over their critical power infrastructure. It includes designing and modelling, simulation and analysis, eliminating downtime, reducing energy costs and optimising business operations. The next-gen solution has been built on proprietary intellectual property and decades of engineering and design expertise. Power Analytics boasts a portfolio of 24 patents. The platforms allow customers to take full control of their critical network infrastructure, reduce costs, automate operations, protect critical assets, and improve business reliability.

According to Keith Barksdale, the chairman of Power Analytics Global, COVID-19 has a global impact, and it is putting unforeseen stress on critical network infrastructure. This, in turn, has adverse effects on some of our clients, such as governments, hospitals, power plants, telecom operators, airports, and logistics companies. The company felt the need to expand their capabilities from real-time power modelling to incorporate any real-time data set.

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Additionally, Mike Kotlarz, the CTO of Power Analytics Global, stated that not only are our friends, families, and loved ones under siege, but so is the critical infrastructure that is enabling us to continue to be connected and productive during this trying time. The real-time digital twin modelling allows the company to deliver a solution that can help its customers assess the impact of COVID-19 on business.

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