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Practical Tips on Finding the Best Remote Oracle DBA for Data-Driven Marketing

Practical Tips on Finding the Best Remote Oracle DBA for Data-Driven Marketing

Marketing was once considered a mysterious art or black magic, but now we all know that it is more of a quantifiable, data-based specialty that can be mastered. In this era of information technology, the new-generation digital marketers proclaim that customer data is their main ingredient of marketing art. All the business decisions are now made by closely considering data analytics.

Relation between data and marketing

The most important evolution that we have seen in marketing is the ability to understand the sources of data, method of extracting data, types of data marketers can gather, the way they organize data, and ultimately, the way they can effectively interpret and utilize the data.

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You can access valuable customer data from almost anywhere. There is plenty of information related to transactions and sales in the ERP and CRM systems. Customer interactions and customer service information are left with such modules, and online surveys, customer feedback, social listening, and IOT all produce wagonloads of data each day.

No wonder marketers get overwhelmed about the sheer amount of consumer data suddenly coming to them from various sources. This puts an enormous pressure on them to make this data pay off in real-time decision-making. However, the data coming from various sources doesn’t contribute equally, and here comes the importance of big data analytic techniques. Majority of the big companies now uses Oracle database for managing enormous data.

As databases are now the lifeblood of organizations, they need to be managed with optimum efficiency and performance. Many organizations outsource their most crucial task of database administration to professional IT infrastructure service providers rather than building internal competencies. However, choosing Oracle database administrators for remote administration is quite a task to be seriously considered. Let’s discuss some practical tips

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Choosing a remote Oracle DBA

Basically, the role of a remote DBA is to make sure that all the customer databases are configured securely and are always kept up to date. Keeping in line with the latest technological developments in database administration, remote DBA also ensures that the database always gets upgraded with the latest releases and practices.

Professional database administrator also takes the responsibility of troubleshooting the potential database errors, maintaining top-notch performance standard and making database downtime as low as possible. Admin is also primarily responsible for database security as well as administering adequate disaster recovery modalities in case if any crashes or security breaches occur.

Advantages of Remote DBA administration

The most desired outcome of database management is that the system it represents yields optimum performance both in marketing and business as a whole, and the issues are addressed with real-time resolutions. The database site can be kept continuously updated with latest and most relevant content and the management or marketing team gets access to the content management systems as needed.

One of major advantages of remote DBA Oracle management is that the actual problems can be identified in real-time and be resolved instantly, which helps to prevent any system blackout causing loss of revenue generation. Having Oracle remote DBA is considered to be the greatest way to cut down the operational costs which are associated with maintaining in-house database system and recruiting an expert administration team to maintain it.

A remote database administration service will also offer you diversified and in-depth technical expertise, which is almost impossible to be created in-house. All in all, an ideal remote Oracle DBA will free you up from all sorts of database management operational hassles and will give you more room to focus on developing or expanding the core business.

The role of a remote Oracle DBA expert

Ideally, a remote database administration expert will:

  • Make sure that the customer databases are properly configured and maintained.
  • Ensure that the databases are perfectly updated and upgraded.
  • Be an expert in the troubleshooting part to figure out all possible database errors and ensure optimum performance standard and database uptime.
  • Take care of database security and also hold an upper hand on handling contingencies with a perfect disaster recovery plan on any security breaches or system crash happening.

On looking around, there is no shortage of options if you consider remote Oracle DBA services. However, proper planning and careful consideration is required while choosing remote DBA services.

Choosing the most ideal remote DBA

You need to start the process by properly defining your business objectives. As it is expected, the DBA service provider will also assist you in planning, with a well-thought list in hand to execute it properly. Here some tips that will help you choose a remote DBA.

  • Evaluate the provider

While shortlisting the service providers, consider only those with enough experience in projects similar to yours. Also consider whether you have a 24×7 access to the provider and a dedicated round-the-clock support. The number of years and the qualifications of the database administrators also need to be checked.

  • See if you can get along well

It is very important in case of critical database administration that the company and the remote DBA agency gel well when working together. Do a baseline evaluation to see whether the work culture and ethics of the provider match yours for a mutually beneficial long-term relationship. Carry out active and open communications with the provider to evaluate all these.

  • Get a detailed quote

Once you identify a few ideal agencies for your remote Oracle DBA service, ask them to provide a financial pitch by detailing all the stages of performance delivery and how much each costs. With this, you will be able to figure out the cost effectiveness of the service as well as the expertise of the agency to do the research to prepare a professional quote by evaluating your business and needs. Make sure that you don’t get carried away by the marketing gimmicks of an agency which you cannot afford for long.

To move on well, it is essential to understand the critical importance of remote DBA in marketing and business management as a whole. With the baseline research you do in identifying your objectives as well as the effectiveness of the service, you can be an expert in identifying whether the agency is a right fit for your company.


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