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Prominent Data Science Certifications Provided By Large Tech Firms

Prominent Data Science Certifications Provided By Large Tech Firms

  • Data Science certifications are a way to boost your career and land you better jobs.

Organisations, big and small, are increasingly identifying the importance of incorporating data-driven insights into their everyday operations. A report by Analytics India Magazine,  Analytics and Data Science Jobs in India: June 2021, revealed that around 1,37,870 open Data Science jobs were available this month, a 47.1 percent increase from last year. It is thus obvious that demand for data scientists has continued to grow exponentially. 

Big conglomerates rely on the work of data scientists to make strategic moves that define the future of their businesses. Data scientists are not just data miners, they are equipped with a varied skill set– from business development and sales to project management, a data scientist needs to be a multi-tasking master. Additionally, the job also demands soft skills and often companies lean towards candidates with certifications to attest to their skillset. 

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Thus, for data scientists just starting out in their career, obtaining relevant certifications will be an added advantage. It will not only validate one’s working knowledge for a required role, but will also allow them to negotiate for better salaries during interviews. 

While there are hundreds of training and boot camps that help in the augmentation of the skill set for an individual eyeing a career in data science, we have curated a list of top seven data science certifications that can help one get an edge over others. 

Data Science Global Certification: SAS India

The program is designed for data scientists who can manipulate data and gain insights to detect patterns. The certification course trains the learner to use complex machine learning algorithms that can be used to drive strategic business decisions. Scientists can use both open source and SAS tools to understand data and form conclusions. 

The Data Science Certification program by SAS India is good for accessing, transforming, and manipulating data, and forms the basis of analytics and statistics. The Global certification has five categories of certification: Foundation tools, Advanced Analytics, Business intelligence and analytics, Data management, administration. 

The program costs at least $180 for each individual certification.

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IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

The certification can help anyone interested in building a career in machine learning leveraged data science and develop career-relevant skills and experience. 

The program  comprises nine online courses. It includes training in Python, databases, SQL, data visualisation, predictive modeling, and leveraging machine learning algorithms. The programme emphasises strongly on applied learning. 

The IBM Data Science Professional Certification course is available on Coursera. While the programme is free to take, candidates have to pay a fee after completion to issue a certificate. 

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Google Professional Data Engineer certification

The Google Professional Data Engineer certification course equips a learner in machine learning fundamentals and analysing big data. It also introduces them to key big data and machine learning products in the Google cloud. 

The programme allows learners to understand Dataproc and Cloud SQL to migrate existing workplace on Google cloud. The certification required the learner to employ BigQuery to carry out interactive data analysis.  It also prevents users from having flexibility in choosing various data processing products on Google Cloud

The certification costs $200.

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Data Science Course by Dell EMC 

This course helps an individual develop analytical skills to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning phases to software frameworks. It also helps in role-specific training which requires one to develop baseline skills in a given technology. 

This course by Dell EMC helps learners develop skills of data analytics, data preparation, programming, security, and data pipelines. It further allows the development of a skill set required to design and implement IT solutions for a digital economy. 

The test costs $200.

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TensorFlow developer certification

The programme is intended as a foundational certificate for students, developers, and data scientists who wish to demonstrate practical machine learning skills through the building and training of models using TensorFlow. 

The prerequisite of taking this course is being comfortable with the foundational principles of Machine learning and Deep learning. The test taker should be able to build ML models in Tensorflow 2 and apply Natural Language Processing problems using TensorFlow. 

The certificate program requires an understanding of building TensorFlow models using Natural language processing, Convolutional Neural Networks, computer vision, real-world image data, and strategies. 

The certification costs $100.

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Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

The certification is suitable for candidates looking for roles as an AI engineer, developer, or data scientist. The learner taker must have a knowledge of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. It allows test takers to demonstrate their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning and their implementation on Microsoft Azure Platform. It allows test takers to measure their Natural Language Processing skills by managing workloads on the Azure platform.

Candidates with both technical as well as non-technical background can apply for this course. 

The exam costs $99.

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Cloudera Certified Data Analyst

The certification exam is for data scientists involved with big data. The platform offers certifications in popular tools for big-data analysis. It is a foundational exam in big-data tools i.e. Apache Hive and Apache Impala. The test taker must have knowledge of Python & Spark to take the test. The individual will learn to use Apache Shark to run data science and Machine Learning workflows at scale. He will also run how to modify raw data to redefine relationships and extract meaningful results.

A person can become familiar with Cloudera’s system by using Clouder’s quicksmart VM available on the website. The test is for two hours and costs $295. 

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Chartered Data Scientist 

The Chartered Data Scientist exam is conducted by a global body of Data Science and Machine Learning professionals, the Association of Data Scientists. It is a credential for someone with a deep understanding of the technical aspects of the profession, and has good applied analytics skills. Besides having data analysis skills to pass the exam, the test taker must have good knowledge of Machine Learning, Computer vision, Neural Networks, Natural Language processing, and a working knowledge of Python and R. 

Offered in English only, the test consists of 150 MCQs, and has to be completed in three-hours. The exam can be taken anytime of the year, according to the candidate’s convenience. The results are available within 60-days post the date of exam taken. 

The cost for taking the exam is $250.

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