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Pucho Technology Developed Compounds That Can Help Fight COVID-19

Pucho Technology Developed Compounds That Can Help Fight COVID-19

Vikram Jha

Data scientists of Pucho Technology Information Limited designed various molecular compound that can help in stopping the COVID-19 infection spread in infected person. The company generated 200 molecules out of which ten has the potential to be effective in the fight against the COVID-19. 

The company is in talks with pharmaceutical companies to materialize the molecular compound into a drug, but as per Vikram Jha, CEO of Pucho Technology Information Limited, the firm cannot disclose it yet. 

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Pucho, however, is not into drug development. The company’s prime focus is to build a platform that can eliminate the barriers of language with natural language processing. One can make queries in any form such as text, video, and image, to get an output based on the choice of users’ language.

The company was about to launch its platform, but due to the COVID-19, it had to postpone. During the lockdown, the firm decided to divert their expertise and develop compounds that can help in making new drugs for COVID-19. “Madhusudan Verma and Deepanshu Bansal collectively devised 200 chemical structures. And one of them is similar to the functionality of Remdesivir — a drug recently approved by US Food and Drug Administration for COVID-19,” said Jha to Business Line. Unlike many companies like TCS and IBM that generated over 2,000 inhibitors, Pucho’s 200 molecules were enough to obtain a potential drug for COVID-19.

The company is also in talks with various publishers to host their paper on reputed. However, the paper can be found on ChemRxiv. Undoubtedly, there are various steps involved to test the effectiveness of a drug, but the company is optimistic about its compounds and believes that it could be a major breakthrough in the healthcare industry since the drug development would be an outcome of leveraging deep learning techniques.

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