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Puneet Chandok On AWS’ India Mission

Puneet Chandok On AWS’ India Mission

Puneet Chandok, President, Commercial Business, AWS India and South Asia, delivered a keynote address to kickoff the AWS Summit Online India. Puneet spoke about AWS India Mission – ‘Empowering Builders and Businesses to Build Better India’

As part of the AWS Activate Program, Amazon offered more than $1 billion in AWS credits to launch and accelerate the growth of early age startups. Puneet said India will be a major tech hotspot in the coming decade and said: “Our existing AWS Asia-Pacific (Mumbai region) has three availability zones. And, last year, we announced the new AWS Asia-pacific (Hyderabad) region, which will consist of three availability zones (AZs), and we expect the region to be available by mid-2022.”

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India’s decade

“What we are now starting to see in India is a perfect storm of digitisation with businesses of all sizes realising the value of technology and embracing the clouds. With more than 40 thousand startups – India is currently the third-largest startup ecosystem in the world. India has 75 million SMBs, and they generate more than a third of India’s employment and half of our exports,” said Puneet.

“India, today is one of the world’s largest open markets for technology companies to serve,” he added.

The time is ripe for cloud acceleration in India, he said. Puneet also laid out the major “eight shifts or changes” he is seeing In India.

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  • Clear tech value proposition
  • Speed is the new cost
  • Democratisation of technology
  • AI/ML going mainstream
  • Data lower cost/risk of curiosity
  • The era of the virtual business
  • Digital is boundless
  • Unprecedented experimentation

The first day of the two day online conference is dedicated to providing business or IT decision-makers an opportunity to learn from AWS experts and gain insights from customer stories and use cases; Day 2 is geared towards technical leaders, data scientists, developers, system administrators, solution architects, engineers etc.

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