Pycharm Extends Support for Python 3.11 with Improved HTTP Client and UX Enhancements

PyCharm 2022.2 has launched initial support for Python 3.11, PyScript, Database management PRO and announced tonnes of UX enhancements
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JetBrains’ Pycharm has released a new update 2022.2 with a range of features like providing code insight for Python 3.11, run-environment selection in HTTP client, new UI for setting up remote interpreters and support for PyScript framework.

The Python version 3.11 has code insight for exception groups, for marking individual TypedDict items and initial support for variadic generics. In the new version, with a click of an icon in the gutter, developers may select a “run environment” before “run”. 

It now handles WebSocket connections as well. One can use this API to send messages to a server and receive event-driven responses without polling the server for a reply. PyCharm now supports the HTTP and WebSocket protocols out of the box. 

There are a tonne of improvements in UX too. There is a new way for configuring interpreters at remote locations (WSL, SSH, Docker, Docker Compose, Vagrant). It makes the setup procedure more systematic and straightforward.

It also announced the initial support for PyScript Pro. PyScript is a framework for building powerful Python web applications that make use of the HTML interface, Pyodide, WASM, and contemporary web technologies. “PyScript is a key part of Anaconda’s vision of democratizing data science and Python. We are excited to see JetBrains embracing the potential of PyScript by adding initial support within their professional product,” said Fabio Pliger, principal software architect at Anaconda and co-creator of PyScript.

In a new database management PRO, PyCharm 2022.2 has opened an option to import multiple CSV files. It now lets developers import multiple CSVs into new or existing database tables. To do so, one needs to select multiple files in the project view and drag them to a database schema or select import to database in the context menu.

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