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Qlik Acquires No-Code AutoML Platform Big Squid

Qlik Acquires No-Code AutoML Platform Big Squid

Qlik recently announced the acquisition of Big Squid, a leading provider of no-code automated machine learning (AutoML), to expand its data and analytics teams’ ability to leverage advanced augmented analytics capabilities such as key driver analysis, predictive analytics and what-if scenario planning with API deployable AI models for on-demand predictions directly within Qlik. 

Combining Big Squid with Qlik’s existing augmented analytics capabilities expands to the industry’s most robust augmented analytics suite for cloud analytics. Acquiring Big Squid also further advances Qlik’s vision of active intelligence, where technology and processes trigger immediate action from real-time, up-to-date and trusted data to accelerate business value across the entire data and analytics supply chain.


“Data and analytics teams know there’s incredible untapped potential to use data to predict and plan what will happen. However, they lack the resources and modelling expertise to discover and deliver the insights that fuel those efforts. With Big Squid’s SaaS no-code AutoML capabilities, teams will be able to seamlessly and easily augment their analytics efforts directly within Qlik with AI-driven models that deliver unique insights for timely planning and action when it matters most,” said Mike Capone, CEO of Qlik.

Bob Atkins, CEO at Gray Associates, said, “Delivering the right strategy for our customers relies heavily on our ability to analyze masses of internal and external data for accurate predictions on student needs and trends. The combination of Qlik and Big Squid helps us drive crucial and unique insights from millions of rows of data with billions of calculations quickly and at scale, nearly eliminating the expense and overhead of in-house data science expertise. We could not have gotten started with AI without Qlik and Big Squid software and data science experts.”

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Big Squid will further expand Qlik’s existing SaaS roadmap and bring new AutoML augmented analytics capabilities spanning key driver analysis, predictive analytics and ‘what-if’ decision planning, all backed with explainable AI. 

For Qlik, Big Squid will bring immediate value to both on-premises customers and as part of Qlik Cloud, where Qlik will continue to support AutoML for a wide variety of data sources (including Google, Microsoft and Snowflake).‚Äč 

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