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Qlik Is Now The Official Analytics Partner Of Fortune Magazine As They Launch Data Analytics Site

Qlik Is Now The Official Analytics Partner Of Fortune Magazine As They Launch Data Analytics Site


Qlik, a leading data analytics & data integration solutions provider launched a “History of the Fortune Global 500” interactive data analytics site in partnership with Fortune Magazine. It comes at the 30th anniversary of the Fortune Global 500 list. It is a first-of-its-kind partnership as Fortune teams up with Qlik to help users explore and understand data like never before. 

As the official analytics partner, Qlik has developed the visual experience leveraging data storytelling and interactive visualisations to showcase various data points of these companies. For instance, industry sector status, the economic trends across geographies, historical events that shaped those changes and more. 

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Qlik and Fortune delivered a similar visual experience for the Fortune 500 earlier this year as part of a multi-year partnership.

“The History of the Fortune Global 500 is a unique visual guide through the global economic shifts that have shaped the worlds’ largest corporations over the last three decades,” said Rick Jackson, CMO of Qlik

“Similar to the Fortune 500 site from earlier this year that leveraged Qlik’s unique analytics platform, the Fortune Global 500 site provides a rich and detailed exploration of the industry-standard chronicle of market leaders and industry sectors. The site brings to life the data behind the best performing international corporations, along with detailing the global economic trends that shaped their performance,” he added. 

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The site brings users through a variety of interactive data-driven sections such as:

  • Users can experience a multi-chapter visual story detailing the evolving rankings of various countries revenue position and performance, from 1995 until today
  • It showcases the rise and fall of various global economic powers.
  • It provides an interactive experience that dynamically shows the evolution of global economic rankings such as China and the United States.
  • There’s also a page that provides an expansive sector-by-sector interactive comparison.
  • Visitors can also explore, through an interactive map, a country-level focus on current revenues and number of companies per country etc.
  • It can explore the data on individual countries to see a company, its revenue and profit metrics for any year from 1995 to 2020.

“The companies of the Fortune Global 500 produced a record $33.3 trillion in revenue last year,” says Clifton Leaf, Editor-in-Chief of Fortune. “Understanding the size and scope of this group is a task that challenges us to explore data visualisation in innovative ways – a challenge that, I’m happy to say, Qlik has embraced.”Qlik had recently announced the introduction of new packaging and adoption programs in order to make it easier and more cost-effective for customers to adopt analytics in the cloud.

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