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Qubole Announces India’s First-Ever Presto Summit In Bengaluru

Qubole Announces India’s First-Ever Presto Summit In Bengaluru

Richa Bhatia
Presto Summit Bangalore

Presto Summit Bangalore

Let’s face it companies want to accelerate data science journey but lack modern data management practices that can combine data — both structured and unstructured — from various platforms like data lakes and warehouses. Now, at a time when organizations are pivoting to multi-cloud environments, there is a greater need for a cloud-native data platform for analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence. 

One of the companies which is plugging the data activation gap by automating ETL, machine learning and analytics workloads in the cloud is Qubole the world’s leading cloud-native platform for machine learning. The move towards multi-cloud environments is a natural progression for enterprises but it also ushers in a need for a cloud-native data platform to crunch petabytes of data.

To foster dialogues and forward-looking discussions about big data activation in the cloud, California-headquartered Qubole is hosting the first-ever Presto Summit in India. To be held on September 5 in Bengaluru the summit will feature keynotes from Presto creators Martin Traverso, Dain Sundstrom and David Phillips who will talk about the fastest-growing distributed SQL-on-anything engine. Presto is leveraged by top organizations to build a new innovative technology that enables interactive analytics on top of data lakes.  

The summit will bring together the Presto community in India and open source contributors and Presto users from leading data-driven companies in the APAC, who will discuss all aspects of PrestoDB, the open-source distributed SQL query engine, covering usage scenarios, architectural patterns, deciding the right configuration and more. The summit provides a very exciting opportunity to interact with India’s top Presto developers and data engineers, the Presto creators, and also Apache Hive co-founder Joydeep Sen Sarma.

“It is super exciting to see how the journey that started from our Hive days, has evolved all the way to Presto today, enabling lightning-fast SQL on big data lakes seamlessly.”

It is also a great platform to learn more about Presto, the platform-agnostic technology that provides a seamless way to access data from various sources using standard SQL query. Enterprises across the globe are leveraging Presto for a number of use cases — implementing as an enterprise-wide query engine, reporting solution, self-service BI and a more effective way to approach data with existing tools.  

This is your chance to learn about Presto and how developer/specific users can get started with and why it is the most agile solution for querying data and deriving actionable insights. Don’t miss out the tech talks by data engineering leaders from WalmartLabs, CRM player Zoho, South East Asia’s leading super-app Grab, and more. 

Not just that, the summit provides a platform to network with business leaders from APAC’s top data-driven companies such as Akamai, Amazon, DellEMC, Expedia, Flipkart, FutureGroup, GE, Goldman Sachs, Grab, Hotstar, Infosys, InMobi, Intuit, Microsoft, Myntra, Nutanix, OlaCabs, Oracle, Paytm, Philips, PhonePe, Razorpay, Salesforce, United Healthcare, Visa, VMWare, Walmart Labs,, Zapr Media Labs, ZeoTap, Zoho and Zomato, and present a great opportunity to understand the solutions they are bringing to the market.


Event: Presto Summit Bengaluru 

When: September 5, 2019 

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Where: Courtyard By Marriott, ORR, Bengaluru 


To know more about the event, click here 

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