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Quiterian, Wipro partner on customer analytics

Quiterian, Wipro partner on customer analytics

Bhasker Gupta

The new agreement is focused on providing vertical advanced customer analytics applications to Wipro’s clients. Predictive analytics software developer Quiterian has partnered with Wipro Technologies to offer advanced customer analytics applications to clients across the globe.

Quiterian offers a self-service platform, Analytics 3.0 that integrates data from multiple sources (social media, Web, CRM, ERP, campaigns, emailing) and enables non-expert users to make enhanced decisions based on consumer behavior knowledge. The analytics software developer also provides advanced and predictive analytics techniques that enables analysts to identify patterns and profiles of the most profitable customers, perform smart segmentations and execute automated marketing campaigns with customized offers, all without support from IT department. The idea: let the software do the heavy lifting and pattern recognition for the user — a welcome pitch for any enterprise unwilling to spend extra on training or route everything through the IT department.

Wipro Technologies Analytics and Information Management senior vice president and global head K.R Sanjiv said the new agreement will see Wipro further extends its advanced analytics capabilities. “It will enable us to provide customer insight solutions leveraging capabilities of Quiterian Analytics,” said Sanjiv.

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For Quiterian, it’s a quick way to stoke growth beyond its EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) home region; for Wipro, it’s a way to bring advanced analytics development under its own roof — at least temporarily.

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