‘Quote to code I: Pandora’s box’ is now live! Put your data skills on display & get hired by Indus OS

‘Quote to code I: Pandora’s box’ by Indus OS gives data science and analytics professionals an exciting opportunity to show their skills, technical prowess, and creativity.
‘Quote to code I: Pandora's box’ is now live! Put your data skills on display & get hired by Indus OS

Design by ‘Quote to code I: Pandora's box’ is now live! Put your data skills on display & get hired by Indus OS

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In collaboration with MachineHack, Indus OS is set to launch the ‘Quote to code I: Pandora’s box.’

Running till October 3, 2022, this Quote to code I: Pandora’s box is targeted toward techies and data science professionals to showcase their skills, technical prowess, and creativity. The participants will not only get a chance to win cash prizes and gifts but also an opportunity to work with Indus OS.

Founded in 2013 by three IITians, and backed by PhonePe, Indus OS is building India’s largest Android app store. The Made-in-India app store Indus App Bazaar benefits over 200 million Indian users. This end-to-end ecosystem is oriented toward bridging the digital divide and getting the whole country on the information highway, with language being the key.

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Indus App Bazaar, an alternative Android app store, offers users highly personalised and localised content. In addition, it is a gateway for local app developers to distribute and grow their apps freely and fairly. 

This hackathon is your perfect opportunity to get hired by this app store company!

Problem statement

Indus OS is building an India largest indigenous app store that provides users with the most relevant app recommendations in their preferred Indian language while helping developers grow and monetise their apps with maximum support and no restrictions. 

The participants need to predict the top app recommendations from the metadata provided to become part of this digital transformation.  

Let the challenge begin! 

The hackathon is open to data engineers, data scientists, analytics professionals, and tech enthusiasts at all experience levels. A golden opportunity to get hired by Indus OS awaits! You are just one tap away!

Start date – September 09, 2022

End date – October 03, 2022

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Data Description 

You are provided with data about:

  1. App metadata: Metadata about the app
  2. User metadata: Metadata about the user
  3. App installs: Apps installed by a user in the last six months
  4. App usage: Apps used by the user in the last week
  5. Actual set: For participants to validate their model and results

Start date – September 09, 2022

End date – October 03, 2022

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Evaluation criteria

The evaluation metric for this competition will be Mean Average Precision (MAP) @ 4 has a range of [0,1] with the below formula:

  1. Precision@4 (P@4): Take the top 4 recommendations for a given user and check how many are good ones. For example, that number divided by 4 gives you the P@4. Similarly, for P@1…P@n.
  2. Average Precision@4 (AP@4): Sum P@1, P@2, P@3 and P@4 and divide that value by the least of 4 or the # of actual. AP@K is calculated for one user.
  3. MAP@4: Sum AP@4 for all the users and divide that value by the number of users. 


  • An amazing opportunity to get hired by Indus OS.
  • The top 3 winners will win a total of 1.5 Lakh in cash:

1st prize – 75,000/- 

2nd prize -45,000/- 

3rd prize -30,000/-


  • Make sure your MachineHack profile is up to date with all the relevant information/details. 
  • Make sure you have gone through the ‘Rules’ section before participating. 
  • The participants will be eligible for the prize only if selected by InfoCepts and MachineHack.

Start date – September 09, 2022

End date – October 03, 2022

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Tasmia Ansari
Tasmia is a tech journalist at AIM, looking to bring a fresh perspective to emerging technologies and trends in data science, analytics, and artificial intelligence.

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