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GH Raisoni College Announces BTech In AI, 2nd Institute In India After IIT-H

GH Raisoni College Announces BTech In AI, 2nd Institute In India After IIT-H



In a piece of news that may bring glad tidings to all engineering aspirants, noted institute GH Raisoni College of Engineering (GHRCE) is now offering a full-time BTech programme in Artificial Intelligence. Raisoni College has now become the second institute in India to offer a similar course.


The institute said in a statement that the mission of the course was:

  • To develop professionals who are skilled in the area of AI and machine learning
  • To impart quality and value-based education and contribute towards the innovation of computing, expert system, data science to raise the satisfaction level of all stakeholders
  • To apply new advancements in high-performance computing hardware and software.

GHRCE director Preeti Bajaj told a leading national daily, “In the past two years, Indian companies are investing high on using AI. This has led to a huge requirement of the workforce of AI professionals in India. AI professionals are getting 60-80% hikes while switching jobs, compared with an average of 20-30% in other skill areas. Starting such a programme is a step towards meeting the high demand of AI professionals in the technology sector.”

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The GHRCE programme aims at helping students gain:

  1. Engineering knowledge
  2. Problem analysis
  3. Design and development of solutions
  4. Conduct investigations of complex problems
  5. Modern tool usage
  6. Apply reasoning informed by the contextual knowledge to assess society
  7. Apply ethics
  8. Communication
  9. Project management and finance

This programme was announced only a few months after IIT-Hyderabad announced their BTech programme in Artificial Intelligence, in Jan 2019. IIT-H is the first Indian Educational institution to offer such a full-fledged BTech programme and likely the third institute globally – after Carnegie Mellon University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

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