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Rakuten India Announces Rakuten Product Conference — Applied AI Theme

Rakuten India Announces Rakuten Product Conference — Applied AI Theme

  • An exclusive virtual conference on applied artificial intelligence, organised by Rakuten India, in association with AIM, featuring speakers from fintech, retail & eCommerce domains. Join us on August 19th & 20th to be a part of the conversation where ‘Innovation Empowers Society.’
Rakuten India Announces Applied AI Conference 2021: A Virtual AI Conference

Rakuten India Enterprise — a Bangalore-based Technology Hub for Rakuten Group, Inc — in association with Analytics India Magazine, announces Rakuten Product Conference — Applied AI Theme (RPC – Applied AI), a virtual AI conference for data scientists and AI leaders across the globe. The conference will highlight the role of applied artificial intelligence in solving business problems & real-world challenges.

Modern, innovative and forward-thinking companies have started leveraging artificial intelligence to drive growth. Rakuten Product Conference — Applied AI Theme aims to bring together such innovators, AI evangelists, thought leaders and leading data scientists across domains such as customer & product sciences, advanced AI research, data science platforms, and business analytics on a single platform to share and discuss recent developments in the field.

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The two-day virtual conference — scheduled for 19th & 20th August 2021 — will see participation from the leading data science professionals, AI practitioners, and game-changing researchers in the field. In addition, the virtual conference will take a deep dive into the latest AI business use cases and implementation opportunities and showcase the challenges of certain domains.

Talking about Rakuten Product Conference (Theme: Applied AI), Sunil Gopinath, CEO, Rakuten India Enterprise Pvt. Ltd., said, “Applied AI has gained massive traction in the current era, transforming every possible industry. Therefore, the need to have an in-depth understanding is critical. Rakuten Product Conference — Applied AI Theme has been designed to help the global data community build a solid foundation on ways artificial intelligence can help in solving some critical business problems and how an organisation can build or evaluate AI models, enhance its operations and expand capabilities.”

Rakuten Product Conference (Theme: Applied AI) is expected to line up several extraordinary speakers from the industry. The Applied AI conference anticipates the participation of 2500+ attendees from around the world. The event will provide the attendees with the know-how of tackling day-to-day AI challenges and ways to foster innovation.


Highlights of Rakuten Product Conference (Theme: Applied AI):

  • Talks by leading experts from the industry.
  • Learn how businesses transform and scale up using AI.
  • Network with key decision-makers/data artists who drive AI strategies in their organisations.
  • Experts from some of the leading organisations give you a sneak peek into the future of data science products and solutions. 
  • Exclusive opportunity to connect and build long-lasting relationships with prominent industry researchers.

Who Should Attend:

CIOs, CTOs, AI evangelists, innovation heads, data scientists, teams working on analytics & business intelligence and anyone interested in the AI and analytics domain can gain valuable insights from this two-day virtual applied AI conference.

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When: 19th & 20th August 2021 (Online)

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About Rakuten India Enterprise:

Rakuten India — the development centre and key technology hub of the Rakuten Group, Inc. — enables businesses with the depth of knowledge in multiple streams of technology such as mobile and web development, web analytics, platform development, backend engineering, data science, machine learning, artificial intelligence and much more. Its unique 24/7 support centre ensures the reliability and sustenance of the Rakuten Ecosystem. With dedicated centres of excellence for mobile application development, data analytics, engineering, DevOps and information security, the company ensures the success of multiple units of Rakuten Group, Inc. With 1500+ employees and growing, Rakuten India is housed in Crimson House Bangalore.

Registration for the Rakuten Product Conference (Theme: Applied AI) is open for all.


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