Redis Ushers The Real-Time Era With Redis As A Data Platform

Redis offers the only real-time data platform capable of delivering performance, enhanced with artificial intelligence to provide companies with a digital competitive advantage.
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At the recent RedisConf 2021, Redis unveiled a real-time data platform as the future of Redis. Redis claimed that this real-time data platform will transform the way applications are built, deployed, and run to allow companies to reimagine the digital experiences they deliver to their customers.  

When choosing to build with Redis, companies can now focus on creating functionality that brings value to their customers in addition to having a better understanding of transactions and operations to make better business decisions. Redis delivers this value in four key ways:

AI without compromise: Feature stores are quickly becoming a critical component of any AI architecture. The combination of an online feature store powered by RedisAI, an AI inferencing engine, allows models to be served where the features are stored. This simplifies the AI architecture and improves AI-based application performance by an order of up to two orders of magnitude. RedisAI, as an online feature store, is available today for on-premise deployments and will be available for Redis Enterprise Cloud in the second half of 2021.

Consistency: NoSQL databases have traditionally compromised strong consistency for eventual consistency to provide ease of scalability and higher performance. RedisRaft, which will be generally available in Redis 7.0 in the second half of 2021 will end this trade-off and enable Redis to be deployed and run in a strongly consistent fashion. 

Integrated data models:  RediSearch became a powerful tool for developers to create interactive search experiences in the latest release with new indexing and querying capabilities. Now with the integration of RedisJSON and RediSearch, developers can natively store, index, query, and perform full-text search on documents accelerating application modernization initiatives and development of real-time applications. The integration of RedisJSON and RediSearch is in private preview and will be generally available in the second half of 2021 with Active-Active support.

Globally distributed with local speed: Performance and horizontal scalability of RediSearch and RedisJSON can also now be deployed in a globally distributed manner. In addition, Redis Lab’s Active-Active technology allows these applications to be deployed anywhere.

Yiftach Shoolman, Co-Founder and CTO at Redis stated, “Over the past decade, Redis’ mission has been to enable customers to understand and rely on Redis in new ways as a database.” Shoolman added, “Through these innovations, we believe Redis has become the de facto data platform for a new wave of digital experiences by changing the way developers can build true real-time applications and then deploy them anywhere, cloud, multi-cloud, hybrid-cloud or on-premises, in a globally distributed manner, closer to where their customers are.”

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