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Redwood Associates

Redwood Associates

The Redwood ( story began with the start of the Analytics Training Institute in 2007. The institute was founded with the view of imparting knowledge of analytics, which was a fairly new, up and coming industry then, to students and Corporates. In mid 2008, when the explosion of “Big Data” had just begun, Redwood Associates an analytics consulting firm was founded to leverage the sophisticated in house analytical talent in the field of decision sciences. Later in 2010, the consulting business was slowly phased out, and we began researching the application of analytics in the social space.  Redwood Associates identified major decision points in an individual’s life and began working towards building products that would provide significant information and help one in making the right decision. The Analytics Training Institute remains a sister concern of Redwood Associates and to date has empowered over 10,000 individuals and over 120 Corporates in analytical tools and techniques.

Redwood Associates is a brainchild of two individuals Gautam Munshi (CEO &Co – Founder) and Pavan Bhat (COO & Co-Founder) who believed in the power of Mathematics and Logical thinking, with the ultimate goal of empowering every individual with the skills and tools to make better informed decisions based on data. Redwood Associates is a 35 member strong team spread across Bangalore, Hyderabad and New Delhi.

The company recently launched their analytically driven job portal LookBeyondResume that brings together an employer and a job seeker on a common platform. LookBeyondResume takes resume samples of the best and not-so-good performers from a company which is fed into the system that identifies a pattern.

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