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Register For Data Science Webinar: Mystic World of Data Science

Register For Data Science Webinar: Mystic World of Data Science

Anirudh VK

Data science is continuing its wave of adoption among the enterprise sector. Many companies are aiming to solve long standing problems with technologies such as AI/ML and analytics.

However, the field has long been seen as a mystical one, with a lot of difficulty involved in finding important knowledge. Moreover, for such an in-depth and technical subdomain, there is a huge need for knowledge to be spread among the community.

Even as many try to spread the knowledge by building open source resources and sharing methodologies, the spread of knowledge is still restricted. Many new entrants are clueless as to what to do in the space, and rely on inaccurate sources of information.

Manipal ProLearn recognised this problem, and organized a webinar trying to remedy the issue. With machine learning becoming a critical enabler for every sector, this webinar is specifically aimed at machine learning engineers and data scientists to help them understand the fundamental concepts of ML.

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Titled “Mystic World of Data Science – Opportunities for Businesses and Data Science Enthusiasts”, the webinar looks into an array of data science and analytics concepts. It will be conducted by Mohan Kumar S, an expert in AI, DL & ML from IIT Kharagpur. He will take the participants through the following areas:

  1. Data Science – Introduction
  2. How data science is Helping Businesses?
  3. Business requirements & Available solutions in Data Science Domain
  4. Impact of Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence in Data Science
  5. Data Science Careers – Opportunities and Challenges
  6. How to begin a career in Data Science

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Who Should Attend:

  1. IT professionals looking to learn more about data science.
  2. ML and AI enthusiasts who can supercharge their data science activities using the technology
  3. Job seekers looking to actively develop their skills and hireability
  4. Industry members who wish to know the state of the DS market

When: 13th June 2019 between 07:00 PM to 08:15 PM.

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