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Register For This Full Day Workshop On Data Engineering & Databases

Register For This Full Day Workshop On Data Engineering & Databases

  • The Association of Data Scientists has announced a hands-on workshop on mastering data engineering skills.
Register For This Full Day Workshop On Data Engineering & Databases

The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci), the premier global professional body of data science & machine learning professionals, is back again with an exciting full-day hands-on workshop on Mastering Skills In Data Engineering & Databases on October 9th, Saturday.

Data Engineering is one of the most important aspects in the field of data science that concerns with the storage, accessing, processing and managing of the data required for any modelling and analysis purpose. With various types of data available from different sources required for different types of model building, it is critical for data science professionals to know data engineering skills. As a matter of fact, data engineering is currently one of the must-have skills for a professional in the field of data science.


In collaboration with Analytics India Magazine, the Association of Data Scientists brings an extensive full-day workshop to help data scientists dive deeply into data engineering skills and get a comprehensive understanding of different feature engineering techniques required for modelling. 

In this workshop, the attendees will grasp the concept of data engineering and where and how it is used. In addition, attendees will learn different methods of processing the data, feature engineering and munging with hands-on experiments. The workshop will also provide an understanding of different types of databases and methods to handle these databases. 

Know more about the workshop here. 

Learning Outcomes — 

  • Complete understanding of data engineering & its importance in data science.
  • Knowledge of different types of databases with their use & importance.
  • In-depth understanding of data wrangling & feature engineering techniques.
  • Hands-on exposure to different feature engineering techniques, required before modelling purposes.

The prerequisites to participate in the workshop include a basic understanding of data analysis and database systems, a familiarity with Python programming language, and basic know-how of Jupyter/Colab Notebook. The participants also need to have access to Jupyter Notebook / Google Colab with MySql installed, along with a high-speed internet connection, to avoid any lag.

The attendees will also receive a certificate on request.

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Know more about the workshop here.

About the instructor:

Dr Vaibhav Kumar

Dr Vaibhav Kumar is currently working as Senior Director with The Association of Data Scientists (ADaSci). He brings a lot of experience in the field of Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. With a diverse background in industry and academics, Dr Vaibhav has led many Research and Development (R&D) activities in the field of AI. With a PhD in Deep Learning, he has published many research papers in reputed journals and conferences and guided many scholars in their research works. 

Details of the workshop:

Date: 9th October 2021

Time: 10 AM to 5 PM

Mode: Online

Price: $13.70

100% discount for CDS Registrants

100% discount for ADaSci Members

Register for the workshop here.

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