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Register For This Webinar: Solving The Hunger For Data Science Skills In The Post-COVID World

Register For This Webinar: Solving The Hunger For Data Science Skills In The Post-COVID World

Register For This Webinar: Solving The Hunger For Data Science Skills In The Post-COVID World

In April 2020, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said the company witnessed two years’ worth of digital transformation in just two months of its third quarter. Not just Micrososft, the pandemic has catalysed the digitisation of organisations across the world. A direct output of this radical transformation is the humongous quantities of data generated across sectors. Now, businesses are waking up to the need to be adept at data acquisition and analytics to survive these trying times. This, in turn, has led to a massive boom in the data science market. 

In association with Praxis Business School, Analytics India Magazine is organising a webinar to understand this rapidly evolving field of data science and how pandemic impacted the demand for data scientists. The webinar will also shine light on opportunities and challenges for data scientists in the current market.

Deep Learning DevCon 2021 | 23-24th Sep | Register>>

The webinar will cover:

  • Impact of COVID on the demand for data scientists
  • How to build a career in data science
  • ‘Hot’ data science skills & how to acquire them


Who should attend?      

  • Data science & AI enthusiasts.   
  • Engineering / technical college graduates
  • Graduates in Maths, Science, Economics or Statistics
  • Data science & analytics professionals looking to pivot
  • Candidates taking a break from their career or lost their jobs due to pandemic and wish to pursue a career in dataScience

Why should you attend?       

  • To understand the dynamics of the data science market.
  • To understand the importance of learning data science skills in the current era.
  • Tips & techniques to build a career in this competitive field.
  • Explore how Praxis can help you achieve excellence in data science.


Session Speakers:

Sudipta Ghosh

Sudipta Ghosh is the Partner and Leader, Data and Analytics and Industrial Products Leader at PwC. With more than 20 years of consulting experience in the field of data and analytics and Enterprise Performance Management, Sudipta has been instrumental in successfully setting up the analytics practise at PwC. He has also been involved in setting up advanced analytics propositions using artificial intelligence and machine learning for the CXO suite. Sudipta is a member of the PwC Global Data & Analytics Leadership team for defining analytical propositions and solutions across the PwC network of firms. He has been a visiting faculty at IIM Kolkata and the Vinod Gupta School of Management at IIT Kharagpur, instructing Business Analytics and Enterprise Performance Management courses. Further, he is an advisory council member of the Post Graduate Diploma in Business Analytics conducted jointly by IIM Calcutta, IIT Kharagpur and ISI Calcutta. Sudipta is a gold medalist from IIM Calcutta and a silver medalist from IIT Kharagpur

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Prof. Charanpreet Singh

Prof. Charanpreet Singh is the Founder and Director at Praxis Business School. He has been the driving force behind the highly successful Data Science Program offered by Praxis Business School. Prof Singh has 30+ years of experience in organisations like British Oxygen, Tata Steel, PwC, HP and Praxis. He has professional and academic interests in the areas of education, learning, data science and communication and has been a mentor to aspirants across domains. He is a Chevening Scholar and has done his BTech in Mechanical Engineering from IIT Kanpur and MBA from the University of Iowa in the USA.

Date: 11th June 2021

Timing: 6 PM to 7 PM (IST)


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