Register for Webinar: Leveraging Data Science With Rubiscape

Any modern day organisation concerned with solving their business problems using data science would typically undergo the following steps:

  • Data collection
  • Data cleaning
  • Feature extraction (labelling and dimensionality reduction)
  • Model validation
  • Visualisation

It would be nice to have a tool that takes care of various aspects of building a data science pipeline. But, there are many tools. It becomes tricky to pick the right tool. So, in association with HP, we, Analytics India Magazine are organizing a webinar that will give the attendees a clearer picture of how to leverage data science to enhance the ease of solving business problems. Niranjan Dikshit of Inteliment Technologies will be joined by B Senthilraj of HP to give a glimpse of how to leverage data science using the Rubsicape platform. 

Rubiscape is a new age Data Science product company, promoted by Inteliment founders, with extensive industry experience and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, and Big Data Analytics. Rubiscape delivers a pioneering Data Science Platform that seamlessly harmonizes Diverse Data, Algorithms, Computation, and People. 

Dikshit has a Masters in computer management and over two decades of experience in Freesoftware engineering, product innovation, Industry 4.0 IOT. He has successfully delivered large scale projects for clients across the globe and his sound understanding of generating value for businesses will be put to great use in this webinar with the help of Rubiscape’s wide range of data science tools. He along with Senthilraj will discuss details about the platforms, strategies, applications and its ecosystem.

What You’ll Gain

This webinar is for anyone and everyone who wants to get a clear idea on how to proceed with their path towards actually learning/ practicing / leveraging Data science.

Session Details

Speakers : Niranjan Dikshit – Technical Director Inteliment Technologies and B Senthilraj – Solution Architect HP INDIA .

Date:  23rd Dec 2020

Time: 4-5 PM (IST)

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