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Although editorial budgets are under pressure, your audience still demands excellent content on emerging technology. We can help by providing cost-effective content that is both timely and timeless.

Our Syndication services

  • Strengthen your editorial content across all channels and media
  • Open up the world for your audience with tailored content packages
  • Best ofโ€™ packages showcasing our most popular content, selected for you each week
  • Packages tailored to specific audience like developers, leaders, CxO’s
  • News-driven packages for evolving stories
  • Weekly leaders and briefings
  • Archive content packages,
  • Special research packages, with in-depth analysis of a specific topic

What AIM can bring

Rigorous, fair-minded and intelligent analysis of the most important stories on emerging tech

Vibrant opinion with a global outlook

Original insights from a trusted brand

Any-format content โ€“ text, audio, charts or film โ€“ tailored to your audiences

Working with us is easy.

  • Content in the format you need โ€“ text, charts, newsletters and infographics
  • Ready-made packages or a bespoke content offering
  • A small, friendly customer-focused team
  • No lengthy approvals process

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