The Rising Demand of AI Experts: TimesPro Collaborates with NVIDIA to Bring One-Of-A-Kind Course

We believe AI is a new scientific infrastructure for research and learning that professionals will need to embrace and lead, failing which, they will become irrelevant and eventually redundant. When applied in science, AI can autonomously create hypotheses, find unanticipated connections, and reduce the cost of gaining insights and the ability to be predictive.

The human mind processes millions of sensory inputs automatically and constantly, making it the most elegant computer in existence. But the human brain only contains about 300 million pattern processors that are responsible for human thought. What if we could bring to existence all the ideas not just with data, but also orders of magnitude more data processing capability?


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In the name of AI, what we have now is narrow AI. But the pace at which we are moving towards general AI, which would outperform humans at nearly every cognitive task, cannot be ignored. However, despite being at a nascent stage, AI has already enough contribution in the field of banking, medicine and security among others. And while experts continue to work to make AI more advanced, one of the biggest challenges they are facing is the lack of skilled manpower.

Why Is There A Need To Upgrade Your Skillset? 

In 2017, the global AI market is expected to be worth approximately $2.42 billion, which will grow to be worth $18 billion by 2022. Globally, investors backed more AI companies in the first quarter of 2016 than in any other quarter, while more than 200 AI-focused global companies have collectively raised more than $1.5 billion so far, this year.

While there has been enough clout around the rising demand and need for data scientists, there has been several institutions that has introduced courses to adept professionals with data analytics. However, what still remains unexplored are professional courses designed around AI, which needs a completely different skillset.

With very few institutions venturing into the AI arena, interestingly, the Times of India Group understood the need for it and designed a professional course to help candidates understand and train in AI.

TimesPro, in technical partnership with NVIDIA- the AI computing company, has introduced three comprehensive courses to enable professionals to navigate the world of decision science.

The three programs are designed in a way that it can help professionals from all levels to upgrade themselves. Regardless you are someone who is an entry level manager or belong to the mid-senior or senior level, the programs equip participants with skills and knowledge to influence decision making, strategy.

The programs have been planned in a way that professionals can enrol without having to quit from their present jobs. Moreover, TimesPro also provides placement assistance to candidates, helping them find better opportunities soon after the course. It also focuses on the understanding of latest analytical concepts like descriptive, predictive and prescriptive analytics to solve business problems.

A Brief Look at The Programs:

  • PG Program in data science (PGDDS): This program is specially designed for entry and middle level managers with minimum 2 years of work experience (desired experience is 4-5 years), who seek career advancement via specialised training in Business Analytics/Data Sciences applied to their field
  • PG Program in advanced data science (PGDADS): The second program is for entry, middle, senior level managers with minimum 5 years of relevant work experience. The course is apt for someone who is seeking career advancement via specialised training in advance data sciences applied to their field
  • Certificate in advance decision science (CADS): The third and the last course is designed for working professionals with relevant experience in data analytics and big data experience, who apply quantitative techniques to make effective decisions.

Why Should You Opt for This Program?

Besides the fact that the course enables you to upskill yourself and makes you a sought-after employee, the best part is the course has a technical tie-up with NVIDIA, a company, which is synonymous with artificial intelligence.

Moreover, its GPU- accelerated computing with a CPU is used to accelerate deep learning, analytics, and engineering applications. Pioneered in 2007 by NVIDIA, GPU accelerators now power energy-efficient data centres in government labs, universities, enterprises, and small-and-medium businesses around the world.

While the chip-maker is likely better-known for producing high-end graphics to power pixel-pushing gameplay, it also started providing the hardware and software that could help bring about the future of driving.

NVIDIA has already forged self-driving alliances with automakers Audi, Toyota and Volvo and has a partnership with Chinese internet giant Baidu to bring artificial intelligence to cloud computing, self-driving vehicles and AI home assistants.

Why TimesPro?

The Times Group has evolved into a multi-media conglomerate focused on providing solutions to consumers across the nation as well as creating a better tomorrow for the Indian youth.

Anish Srikrishna, President, Times Professional Learning (TPL), said, “We are delighted to be associated with NVIDIA. TPL aims to provide quality education, training and skills with strong industry connect and this program with NVIDIA reflects that deep interest and commitment. We believe relationships such as these will be truly beneficial to the industry, ensuring first-day-first-hour productivity.”

Our Review:

The course has been designed keeping in mind the fast changing demands and requirements of the industry. All industries are now beginning to understand the value and need for Machine learning, which encourages a more profound democratization of intelligence, although this is true only for low-order knowledge.

All the three programs are divided into modules, with special focus on all important aspects of AI and machine learning. And the biggest USP is that they are designed in a way that applicants will not have to quit their jobs or even take time off to apply for the course.

The course duration may range between a minimum of 100 hours and a maximum of 380 hours, depending on the program. Moreover, unlike most courses, this is a little easy on the pocket and will set you back by a maximum of Rs 2,50,000 depending on the program opted for.

But over and above the up to date curriculum, TimesPro also provides the most vital features:

  • Expert Industry Professionals as faculty
  • State-of-the-art Learning Centres
  • Holistic Training – Practical’s and Theory
  • 100% instructor-led classroom training
  • Placement assistance

Last but not the least, the name NVIDIA and Times of India group should be enough to validate the course for its authenticity and effectiveness.

For more details, visit here.

Download the brochure

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