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Roadmap for Working Professionals to Pursue Data Science Education

Roadmap for Working Professionals to Pursue Data Science Education

  • Experience is more effective than theoretical learning, however, the former takes time.

Data science is the new rock and roll. In an informative session at SkillUp 2021, Prof Anuradha Sharma of INSOFE presented a roadmap for data science executive education for working professionals.

Prof Anuradha Sharma is currently the Dean – Delivery and Quality & Professor at INSOFE. Her expertise include Marketing Analytics and Research, Statistics, CRM, SAS, Data Mining, etc.

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Prof Sharma kickstarted the session by explaining the importance of data science in the present scenario and why everyone needs a data science education. She mainly discussed pathways for 4-9 years of experienced engineers as well as managers in addition to the education opportunities available for senior leaders.

Prof Sharma spoke about why data science education is crucial:

  • Data is everywhere and increasing in volume
  • Data allows extraction of insightful information and patterns
  • Insights lead to better decisions
  • Data science education is more accessible 
  • Data skills necessary for a lot of current and future jobs
  • Companies will start measuring ROI from all data science initiatives

Prof Sharma also brought up important points one must know while trying to pursue the data science journey:

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  • Data science education means different things to different people.
  • It is not a one size fits all problem.
  • What you get skilled at is what you want to pursue for knowledge, interest or as a career.

Explaining the difference between structured curriculum and unstructured learning, Prof Sharma said experience is more effective than theoretical learning, however, the former takes time. “A strong structured curriculum with active hands-on learning is the best way to bridge the gap,” she added.

“Currently, there are various roles available and emerging in the field and organisations are looking for higher degrees or relevant experience for the job positions,” said Prof Sharma.

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She has mentioned high-on-demand data science positions:

  • Data scientist
  • ML engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Business intelligence developer
  • Statistician
  • Chief data science officer
  • ML scientist
  • Big data engineer/Specialist
  • Head decision sciences.

INSOFE programs

INSOFE’s executive programs designed in collaboration with Case Western Reserve University and Rennes School of Business make data science knowledge accessible to working professionals who do not have the luxury to attend full-time classes,” Prof Sharma said.

She has also discussed programs at INSOFE designed for working professionals interested in data science:

  • M.Sc. in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Ops: This is a 24-month program for working professionals who are looking to gain deep technical training in the areas of core artificial intelligence methods and computational science.
  • PGP in Data Science: This is a 6-months program designed for engineers or other degree graduates with less or no coding background..
  • PGP in Computational Data Science: This is a 7-months program and is designed for engineers or other degree graduates with a good coding background and also for those who love to code.
  • PGP in Business Analytics and Management Consulting: The duration of this program is five months. It is designed for non-tech professionals with no coding background or someone who doesn’t appreciate coding. 
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