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Robots Will Assist Doctors In Half Of All Surgeries By 2025

Robots Will Assist Doctors In Half Of All Surgeries By 2025

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According to L&T Technology Services (LTTS), robots by 2025 will be an essential machine to perform surgeries. It estimates that in half of all surgeries robots will be assisting doctors to streamline their workflows during surgeries. However, it also stressed on the fact that some of the biggest challenges will be to train surgeons in the use of robotics. But LTTS believes that it can be mitigated by using cost-effective training equipment. 

Today, in India, the use of robots in surgeries is a mere 10%. However, due to numerous advantages such as computer vision, higher accuracy and precision, it is envisioned that robots will become a must in operations. Over the years, robots’ dexterity has been enhanced to assist not only in routine tasks but also in strenuous works. As per Rohit Bhargava, director of Cancer Center of Illions, AI methods are becoming robust and are forecasting things precisely. When AI is used carefully, one can expect an exceptional result.  

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AI has been extensively used in healthcare by Google and other firms. The rise of AI solutions has decreased the cost, thereby enabling healthcare organisations to leverage it while keeping the surgery cost lower. Innovative low-cost training systems such as the Endo-Training kit and new VR/AR-based training simulators such as RoSS promise to address the needs of the fast-growing clinical robotic sector,” said Professor Kesh Kesavadas, the director of healthcare engineering systems at the University of Illinois.

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At the symposium, the firms showcased advanced robotic products that will assist in complex surgeries too. The company also demonstrated some of the intelligent multitasking analysers for healthcare sectors. For one, chest X-Ray – AI-based image analysis and pneumonia detection solution – to assist the radiologist in determining disease quickly.

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