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Rockmetric Launches FURY On Microsoft Azure For Quick Insights From Data Lakes

Rockmetric Launches FURY On Microsoft Azure For Quick Insights From Data Lakes

Rockmetric launches FURY

Rockmetric launches FURY, an innovative product built for decision-makers to drive business outcomes from their substantial investments in data lakes, four times faster. Rockmetric has now made its Fury available for Microsoft Azure customers.

FURY will allow users to quickly gain insights without the need of SQL or any other complex languages, thereby reducing the turnaround time for ad-hoc insights from days and weeks to a few seconds. The idea is to make data available for business leaders at all times for meaningful strategic decisions.

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Rockmetric leverages Microsoft Azure to provide enterprise-grade reliability, security and scale to customers globally. Besides, It integrates with Microsoft Azure Data Factory to automate the data pipeline and connect with several popular enterprise databases. It also provides deep integration with Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Azure Active Directory to provide seamless user adoption and governance. “With Azure, Rockmetric can provide scale, speed, and simplicity for business users to make better decisions using data and AI,” said John “JG” Chirapurath, General Manager, Azure Data and AI at Microsoft Corp.

Many businesses fail to extract value from the collected data as they require experts to analyse information. Besides, the dynamic needs of businesses further cause hindrance in the data analysis process as for ad-hoc reports, experts struggle to cope up with the ever-evolving follow-up questions. This then reduces the overall pace of business activities.

According to the company, FURY enables business users with powerful ad-hoc data exploration on datasets 1000 times larger than spreadsheets and 50 times larger than most visualisation tools. Such speed is supported by the AI-powered search engine that automates the process of obtaining insights in real time. FURY’s architecture is built from the ground up to support the scale, speed, and security of data. 

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“Our solutions are already empowering senior executives through our flagship product, ‘VISION’, which is a Cognitive Data Analyst. And now with the introduction of ‘FURY’, Microsoft customers can deliver a quick turnaround on large data projects. In addition, our integration with Office 365 can drive a significantly higher impact on user adoption across their organisations,” said Nimesh Mehta, Founder, CEO at Rockmetric.

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