How Rolls Royce Wants To Strengthen Data Analytics With The EMER2GENT Alliance

Rolls Royce Analytics

Rolls Royce has been carving out its data analytics capacities over the last few years. In 2017, it started the R2 Data Labs, which utilises advanced data analytics, industrial AI (artificial intelligence) and machine learning methods to generate applications, which the company said has unlocked design, production and operational efficiencies within Rolls-Royce, and build new service propositions for clients.

Rolls-Royce has also been tracking IoT data from within its civil aerospace engines for over 30 years. By embedding IoT sensors right across its product lines and manufacturing facilities, the global engineering giant has come to view data — and the services it can deliver — as a strategic asset.


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Last year, Rolls-Royce stated that it was co-operating with Singapore’s Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA) to apply AI to analyse images and videos for engine borescope applications, where a tool-mounted camera is utilised to investigate engine components.

A lot of analytics within Rolls Royce is led by R2 Data Labs. Started a year ago, Rolls-Royce’s new R2 Data Labs unit is tasked with securing the company’s vast data assets and applying advanced analytics, artificial intelligence & machine learning technologies.  

For a long time, Rolls Royce has stated in media reports on how its R2 unit is looking at data assets within and outside the company which hold potential for generating economic value. R2 Data Labs works to help clients crosswise its aerospace, marine, thermonuclear and energy systems divisions gain a better advantage of data and analytics being pushed by their IoT-powered assets.

The EMER2GENT Alliance

Now, R2 Data Labs has announced a new initiative which is a cross-industry alliance with a common goal of leveraging data and analytics, not just to produce insights on the COVID-19 epidemic, but also control its financial harm on various sectors.

As a response to the COVID-19 situation, R² Data Labs (R²DL) is building an alliance to access diverse datasets and combine them in novel ways. The aim is to collaborate to determine whether there are previously unknown or unexpected correlations that can provide insight into the behaviour of the pandemic virus, and how recovery from the situation can be detected and optimised. The repository contains code made available to the public as part of the Emer²Gent project.

The EMER2GENT alliance asks contributing members to publish challenge statements to the community, and to make appropriate datasets available that can be used in combination with other contributions to address these challenges.

Data science resources may be from academic members, contributing members’ teams, or crowd-sourced resources from our convening partners. EMER2GENT members actively identify, pipeline and publish/signpost relevant open-source datasets that can be included in challenge analysis.

According to Caroline Gorski, Director of R2 Data Labs, “data is shared over secured systems and infrastructure using ISO-approved protocols from our expert technical members, with anonymisation, desensitisation and privacy protection services available to all members. At all times, proprietary data remains the property of the originating member.”

Datasets From Various Industries

As stated on its website, the alliance brings datasets collectively from every industry vertical which have generally not been available in the public area. As part of the alliance, all platforms and tools utilised will be shared across all alliance members free of cost.

The alliance aims to promulgate all data provided to the project when possible, whether in its original format or anonymised. All results and models produced as part of this initiative will be published openly on its platform and GitHub.

While Rolls Royce has not revealed the names of the alliance members or the exact technical details yet, the company did say that the alliance will cover leading organizations in business, banking and finance, travel, technology and research to utilise data analytics which helps discover novel and practical methods to facilitate a worldwide response to the virus.

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