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SalesForce Open Sources ML Software That Powers Its Einstein AI

SalesForce Open Sources ML Software That Powers Its Einstein AI

Abhishek Sharma
Image courtesy: SalesForce/Twitter

Popular cloud computing giant, SalesForce has announced today that it has open-sourced its  machine learning tool TransmogrifAI. This ML tool is the core software behind the company’s in-house AI technology called Einstein. With this, SalesForce has a strong intention of tapping AI solutions to fruition in its customer services and sales business.

In her blogpost regarding the announcement of the tool’s open-source availability, Shubha Nabar, Senior Director, Data Science at Salesforce Einstein, tells the challenges and hardship in building enterprise ML systems.

“Even if we could build global models, it makes absolutely no sense to do so because every customer’s data is unique, with different schemas, different shapes, and different biases introduced by different business processes. In order to make machine learning truly work for our customers, we have to build and deploy thousands of personalized machine learning models trained on each individual customer’s data for every single use case!”

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TransmogrifAI is an AutoML library written in Scala which primarily runs on Spark. It was developed with a focus on accelerating ML developer productivity through automation, and helps in building ML systems at an enterprise level. It also promises an efficient coding process with just few lines of code in executing tasks, where a data scientist can automate data cleansing, feature engineering, and model selection to arrive at a performant model without hassles.

With automation being the focal point in achieving ML solutions, the availability of TransmogrifAI for free will definitely boost SalesForce’s developments in ML as well as AI. Earlier to this, other tech giants such as Google and Oracle have open-sourced their ML tools. While Google has brought out its own open-source project, Oracle has made its network protocol software GraphPipe freely available to ML developers.

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