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Salesforce To Acquire Tableau Software In A Behemoth $15.7 Billion Deal

Salesforce To Acquire Tableau Software In A Behemoth $15.7 Billion Deal

CRM and cloud giant Salesforce is all set to acquire Tableau Software in a huge USD15.7 billion stock deal. This represents the fleshing out of the Salesforce product lineup, with this specific acquisition being one that was a long time in the works.

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Salesforce is known for mega-acquisitions such as these, and commonly acquires companies that add value to their vast suite of products. The last company acquired by Salesforce was MuleSoft, an integration platform for connecting Software-as-a-Service offerings and enterprise infrastructures.

Salesforce is one of the leaders in providing customer relationship management software, which aids companies in deriving valuable insights from customer data. It is an extremely popular option for companies owing to its heavy use of AI and automation, along with easy-to-use dashboards.

Tableau is a popular data visualization software which is commonly used for enterprise settings. It is also preferred by many companies owing to its ground-up approach for enterprise support. Tableau is used by many giants in the field, including Lufthansa Airways, University of Michigan Medical Center and investment and retirement firm Charles Schwab. The software has more than 86,000 customers and is also preferred by individual data scientists owing to its powerful visualization tools.

Tableau can be deployed in a variety of settings, including on-premises, cloud and hosted settings, making it a flexible option for any enterprise managing data. It is also known for its capable interactive dashboards and close integration with various workflows.

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Apart from their data visualization software, Tableau also provides various preparation and data cleaning software for use by individual analysts. There is also an extremely powerful visualization tool customized for work with individuals.

The stocks of Tableau jumped up by 35% after news of the acquisition was made public. This is by far the biggest acquisition in the history of Salesforce.

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