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San Francisco startup nails Oscars 2017 predictions yet again

San Francisco startup nails Oscars 2017 predictions yet again

Richa Bhatia
Emma Stone picked up the Best Actress in Leading Role for ‘La La Land’ as the startup predicted

Though San Francisco-headquartered Unanimous A.I, developer of the UNU swarming platform and the company behind the Swarm Insight on-demand service, may have had to bite dust when it came to some of their Oscar 2017 winners, they almost nailed the Best Picture ( La La Land fleetingly grabbed the highest honor, thanks to Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway’s massive mix-up).

The company that has perfected the art of stunning predictions, nailed the exact Super Bowl score accurately did not get a perfect 10 in the 89th Academy Awards. However, the startup were not too far off the mark either, placing all their hopes and bets on the Emma Stone starrer La La Land  that scooped six Academy Awards last night, including Best Actress, Best Original Score and Best Original Song for City of Stars.

Here’s how Unanimous A.I stacked up in the 89th Academy Awards predictions:

Let’s see what they got right, for starters they put all their force behind La La Land, which they thought would nab the most crystal ware.   In that prediction, they were right and it almost won the Best Picture as well!

The startups has more hits than misses, reinforcing its excellent track record in predicting Oscars 2017 winners

Best Actress: Emma Stone (La La Land)

Best Director: Damien Chazelle (La La Land)


Best Supporting Actress: Viola Davis (Fences)

Best Actor in a Supporting Role: Mahershalla Ali (Moonlight)

Best Foreign Language Film:  The Salesman

Best Original Song: City of Stars for La La Land

Best Cinematography: La La Land

Best Adapted Screenplay: Barry Jenkins, Moonlight

Best documentary feature: OJ: Made in America  

Best Visual Effects: The Jungle Book

Best Animated Feature Film: Zootopia

Best Production Design: La La Land


Casey Affleck scooped the Best Actor for Manchester by the Sea, disproving the startup’s nod for Denzel Washington for Fences

Best Picture: Moonlight

Best Actor: Casey Affleck (Manchester by the Sea)

Best Costume Design: Fantastic Beasts

Best Original Screenplay: Manchester by the Sea

When it came to Best Actor, the AI startup leaned towards Denzel Washington (Fences), an industry favourite. However, the award was finally snapped up by a heavily bearded Casey Affleck, who played the role of a man overcome with grief. Unanimous A.I. has had an excellent track record in predicting US presidential debates winner and according to the startup’s blog, the company was challenged by Newsweek two years in a row (2015 and 2016) to predict the Oscars by forming a real-time human swarm of 50 average movie fans linked by AI algorithms.

And for two years consecutively, the startup aced the predictions with their AI powered swarm (bunch of showbiz fans) out-predicting movie critics, besting leading newspapers and even famous statisticians Nate Silver-backed 538.

The technology working in the backend is Artificial Swarm Intelligence (Swarm AI). It works by combining real-time insights from people, who are spread across the globe using AI algorithms that are modeled after actual swarms in nature. In Swarm AI, each participant works like a human processor in the Swarm system contributing their inputs and opinions that help in achieving the result.


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