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SAS Is Making Academy For Data Science Subscription Free For April

SAS Is Making Academy For Data Science Subscription Free For April

SAS Is Making Academy For Data Science Subscription Free For April

In an effort to help people upskill and upgrade their knowledge during this lockdown, SAS has announced that it is making its Academy for Data Science and e-learning subscription free for the month of April.

According to the company’s website — “SAS is monitoring the COVID-19 situation carefully and taking proactive measures to ensure the welfare of our learners and employees. Virtual Live Web classes, with live instructors, have been added for most public classroom events. Self-paced e-Learning is also available.”

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To avail the free subscription, individuals have to create an account on their platform.

The website further stated — “Analytical talent is in high demand, so learning data science skills can open doors to new career opportunities. SAS offers nearly 300 hours of e-learning content to help you build a foundation for data science success.”

The program features include complete toolset to learn using SAS, R, Python, Pig, Hive and Hadoop; hands-on learning of SAS software; globally recognised credentials where one can ear a certification with tailored training help in preparing for the exam; comprehensive training on big data and advanced analytics; introduction to real-world case studies; guidance from SAS communities.

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Thee website further stated — “If you’re interested in a data science career, our academy offers three professional-level credentials to boost your résumé. Earning one credential can launch a career – but a combination helps you gain a credential that could transform your future.”

To get started individuals have to set up a SAS profile and then have to log into the same, and accept the license agreement and select SAS Learning Subscription (Free Trial) on the ‘My Training’ page, and finally select the course that you would like to sample.

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