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JupyterLab Desktop App vs JetBrains DataSpell

A comparison of the JupyterLab Desktop App with the DataSpell IDE’s core features.

Jupyter Labs Desktop App: What Is It & Do We Need It?

The app runs the front-end of JupyterLab inside an embedded browser.

A Guide To PyXLL-Jupyter Package For Excel Integration

A Guide To PyXLL-Jupyter Package For Excel Integration

Last year, PyXLL released its PyXLL-Jupyter plugin. The new extension combines the ease of use of Excel with the interactivity of Jupyter.

Jupyter notebook extensions

8 Jupyter Notebook Extensions That Everyone Should Know About

A product of IPython, Jupyter Notebook has been widely popular among data scientists and is…

Microsoft Releases Power BI In Jupyter Notebooks

Microsoft has released Power BI in Jupyter notebooks. “You can now tell compelling data stories…

Explained: How To Access JupyterLab On Google Colab

Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) have emerged as one of the fundamental tools in the software…

JupyterLab 3.0 Released: All The Major Features & Updates

Recently, one of the contributors within the Jupyter ecosystem has announced the release of JupyterLab…

How To Implement Drag And Drop Feature In Jupyter Notebook With Pivot Table

In this article, we will explore the different features of pivot table js and analyse the data in our dataset.


Complete Guide to Voila to Turn a Jupyter Notebook Into a Standalone Web Application

In this article, we will explore how easily and effortlessly we can use Voila to create reports and dashboards.


A Complete Guide To Ipywidget – Interactive HTML Widgets For Jupyter Notebook

Widgets are the part of a GUI that allows the user to interface with the…

Jupyter notebook extensions

Top 8 Extensions For Your Jupyter Notebook

Jupyter Notebook extensions have become popular among data scientists as it extends the functionality of…

jupyter themes

What Are Jupyter Themes And How To Apply Them?

Jupyter themes are a great way to beautify your notebook and get a dark mode,…