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An Illustrated Guide to Dynamic Neural Networks for Beginners

Dynamic Neural networks can be considered as the improvement of the static neural networks by adding more decision algorithms we can make neural networks learning dynamically for the input.

Spiking Neural Networks: Why Is It Trending?

TTFS is a time-coding technique in which neurons’ activity is proportionate to their firing delay.

Introduction to Probabilistic Neural Networks For Beginners

A probabilistic neural network (PNN) is a sort of feedforward neural network used to handle classification and pattern recognition problems.

Exploring Graph Neural Networks

Data Scientists at CRED, Ravi Kumar and Samiran Roy explained the essence of using graph neural networks and how the emerging technology is being utilised by CRED. 

Google Introduces Families of Neural Networks To Train Faster, SOTA Performance

Google Introduces Families of Neural Networks To Train Faster, SOTA Performance

In the future, we plan to optimise these models further and apply them to new tasks, such as zero-shot learning and self-supervised learning.

Why Are Apple’s Researchers Interested In Neural Network Subspaces?

Neural network subspaces contain diverse solutions that can be ensembled, approaching the ensemble performance of independently trained networks without the training cost.

A Complete Understanding of Dense Layers in Neural Networks

dense layer is deeply connected layer from its preceding layer which works for changing the dimension of the output by performing matrix vector multiplication

What is the Plateau Problem in Neural Networks and How to Fix it?

This post explains most underlined
Plateau phenomenon and it’s remedies
which is related to optimization of ML model.

A Beginner’s Guide to Neural Network Pruning

Neural network pruning, which comprises methodically eliminating parameters from an existing network, is a popular approach for minimizing the resource requirements at test time.

Google Maps

How Can Graph Neural Networks Help Google Maps Make Better ETA Predictions

A paper titled “ETA Prediction with Graph Neural Networks in Google Maps” presents a graph neural network estimator for an estimated time of travel (ETA).

Should Neural Networks Compose Music By The Same Logic & Process As Humans Do?

Not Quite My Tempo: Why Should We Care About AI Generated Music?

What A Neural Network Really Looks Like

A deep neural network is created by sandwiching “hidden” layers between the input and the output.