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Top 10 Data Scientists In India – 2020

The data science community is growing at a fast pace, and data science units are…

Top 10 Data Scientists In India — 2019

Each year, Analytics India Magazine publishes the annual list of the most prominent data scientists…

Top 10 Data Scientists In India — 2018

Analytics India Magazine brings you the annual list of the top data scientists in India,…

Top 10 Data Scientists in India – 2017

It has been two years since Analytics India Magazine took up the initiative of identifying…

Top 10 Data Scientists in India – 2016

Last year we took this initiative to identify Data Scientists in the country that are…

Top 10 Data Scientists in India – 2015

Data scientist is a rare breed and a well celebrated one. Middle of this year,…

Top 10 Cities Across The Globe With The Highest Pay Packages For Data Scientists

  The demand for data scientists is on the rise across the globe. In India,…

10 OpenCV Projects To Check Out In 2020

Top 10 Programming Languages For Data Scientists to Learn In 2018

The industry is flooding with innumerable programming languages aiming to sort out the business complexities…

Top 8 Alternatives To MLflow

Top 8 Alternatives To MLflow

MLflow is currently used by companies like Facebook, Databricks, Microsoft, Accenture, and, among others.

India’s Top Ethical AI Advocate: The Journey Of Saishruthi Swaminathan

Saishruthi is an active ethical AI practitioner and advocate based out of California. She has been a one of the top contributors to the field of Ethical AI.

Top Talks To Look Forward At Deep Learning DevCon 2021

The two-day virtual conference on deep learning will be held on 23rd and 24th September, bringing influential professionals and researchers in the deep learning domain on a single platform.

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Top Online Resources To Help You Crack That Data Science Interview

LeetCode’s question library consists of 20,000+ questions to practice algorithm and data structure problems.