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Second Innings for Google Glass—shifts its market from masses to enterprises

Second Innings for Google Glass—shifts its market from masses to enterprises

Google glasses, as we know couldn’t stand the much illustrious entry that it made back in the year 2013. It was all for praises, with positive reviews from across the corners unless the world got introduced with the flip side of it. The gadget which promised to perform everything that a smartphone could (just by eyes and no hands), soon became buggy and unwelcome in public spaces.

The problem? It was accused of secretly recording everything around, thus compromising privacy. It was soon followed by public disinterest and in no time once a favorite Google Glass was lost in the crowding wearable space with very few takers.


But there’s a twist in the gloomy tale, as Google has re-created an Enterprise edition, which apparently is a much improved version of the earlier models. And more so, this version is gaining tremendous popularity in the industries to boost productivity of workers and perform complex manual task. Google EE is enabling this by suggesting step-by-step instructions, help chose right tools, report quality problems etc. The once consumer product is now being promoted as “a hands-free device, for hands-on worker”.

So, what does the new Glass Enterprise Edition have?

After failing to be a mass product, Google Glass is back with hardware focused on enterprises. Though it was always meant to be one, with all new customized and improved features, this “experimental consumer product” can be the next “must-have” in the industries. Some of the features added are-

  • Updated camera module, with a resolution of 8 megapixels from an earlier 5 megapixel
  • Long battery life
  • Better processor
  • Video recording indicator
  • Improved Wi-Fi speeds
  • Glass EE module can work with all kinds of existing eyewear, including industrial safety glasses
  • and much more…

Industry use cases-

With AGCO, CHI Health, DHL, Agravis, Volkswagen, Samsung being just a few companies among those using Glass, the diverse spectrum of industries vouching by it is quite evident.

Explaining the details of its utility, Jay Kothari, Project Lead at Glass had written on the company blogpost that GE mechanics use Glass running software that shows them instructions with videos, animations and images right in their line of sight so they don’t have to stop work to check their binders or computer to know what to do next. GE was one of the first businesses to experience the benefit of Glass in workplace.

AGCO, an agricultural machinery manufacturer found Glass Enterprise Edition useful at it reduced the amount of back and forth that workers had to do while accessing the checklist, viewing instruction manual or sending photos. The company notes that Glass has reduced the machinery production time by 25 percent and inspection time by 30 percent.

As for DHL, they have a supply chain process called “order picking”, where they fulfill orders by scanning items from rack before shipping. Using Glass, it has become easier to pick which items have to be placed on the cart with the help of visual aids. The company states that its supply chain efficiency has increased by 15%.

Healthcare professionals have another interesting adoption of Glass where they can connect with the patients, interact with them and ask questions, without being worried about typing the details in computer. They can be sure that Glass is making a note of all the conversation in the background.  

And the list goes on…

“Workers in many fields, like manufacturing, logistics, field services, and healthcare find it useful to consult a wearable device for information and other resources while their hands are busy”, Kothari shared on the blog.

After having worked with a network of more than 30 experts and building customized software and business solutions, Glass is surely set for witnessing a growing popularity across various industries.

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