Semantic Segmentation Using Deep Learning Methodologies

Image analysis tasks need segmentation. The technique of linking each pixel of an image with a class name is known as semantic segmentation (such as flower, person, road, sky, ocean, or car).

Semantic segmentation may be used for a variety of purposes, including medical imaging analysis, autonomous driving, industrial inspection, classification of satellite imagery.

Many computer vision issues, including semantic segmentation, are now being solved using deep network architectures commonly Convolutional Neural Networks (CNNs), which outperform other techniques in terms of accuracy and efficiency. Deep learning, on the other hand, is still lagging behind other well-established disciplines of computer vision and machine learning in terms of maturity. This makes it difficult to maintain a pace of semantic segmentation research and appropriately understand proposals, eliminate ineffective techniques, and validate outcomes.


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Deep Network Architectures That Are Frequently Used

Several deep networks, as previously mentioned, have made such significant contributions to the industry that they are now widely accepted standards. Examples include AlexNet, VGG-16, GoogLeNet, and ResNet. They were so crucial that they’re currently used in a number of segmentation systems as building blocks.


AlexNet, the first deep CNN, won the ILSVRC-2012 with an accuracy of 84.6 percent in the TOP-5 test, compared to 73.8 percent for the nearest competitor, who employed normal techniques rather than deep structures.


Visual Geometry Group (VGG) is a CNN model created by the Visual Geometry Group at the University of Oxford (VGG). One of their deep CNN models and setups was put into the ImageNet Large Scale Visual Recognition Challenge (ILSVRC)-2013. Because it is made up of 16 weight layers, that model is also known as VGG-16. It acquired popularity as a consequence of its 92.7 percent TOP-5 test accuracy.


It’s a network proposed by Szegedy et al., which took first place in the ILSVRC-2014 competition with a TOP-5 test accuracy of 93.3 percent. The fact that this CNN design has 22 layers and a newly introduced construction piece called the inception module emphasizes its complexity. This novel approach proved that CNN layers might be constructed in a variety of ways other than sequentially.


By replacing each recurrent link in ordinary RNNs with d connections, Graves et al suggested a Multi-dimensional Recurrent Neural Network (MDRNN) architecture to expand Recurrent Neural Network (RNN) designs to multi-dimensional problems.


ResNet from Microsoft is notable for winning the ILSVRC-2016 with a 96.4 percent accuracy rate. Aside from that, the network is noteworthy for its depth (152 layers) and the incorporation of residual blocks.

Datasets and Challenges

Data is perhaps one of the most crucial – if not the most critical – components of any machine learning system. When dealing with deep networks, the necessity of this is amplified. As a result, accumulating sufficient training data into a dataset is important for any deep learning-based segmentation system. 

When it comes to datasets, the high quality and accurate training of these datasets are crucial. is a data labeling company that provides low-cost data annotation services which can enhance the overall AI and Ml models. Apart from this, Cogito Tech LLC can also assist you in the process.

Time, domain expertise to select relevant information, and infrastructure to capture and transform that data into a representation that the system can properly understand and learn are all required for gathering and constructing an appropriate dataset, which must have a large enough scale and accurately represent the system’s use case. 

Despite its simplicity in formulation compared to advanced neural network design descriptions, this challenge is one of the most difficult to accomplish in this context.

This approach has another benefit for the community: standardized datasets allow for fair comparisons between systems; in fact, many datasets are part of a challenge that reserves some data – not provided to developers to test their algorithms – for a competition in which many methods are tested, resulting in a fair ranking of methods based on their actual performance without any data cherrypicking.

Data Labeling for Semantic Segmentation

Large datasets allow for more precise and quicker mapping to a specific input (or input aspect). Using data augmentation as a training method allows you to make the most of restricted datasets. Minor adjustments to an image, such as translation, cropping, or transformation, result in new, distinct, and distinctive images. Cogito Tech LLC is a data labeling firm that focuses on semantic segmentation image annotation for AI and machine learning applications.

To interactively label pixels and export label data for training, use the Image Labeler, Video Labeler, or Ground Truth Labeler programs. For image classification, the app may also be used to label rectangular areas of interest (ROIs) and scene labels.

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