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Sibia Analytics

Sibia Analytics

SIBIA is a technology integrated predictive analytics company based in Kolkata. It focuses on marketing and sales optimization for retail and consumer products brands. It provides decision enabling solutions to the business users where the predictive models are embedded. Using these solutions, they can monitor the business performance real time based on latest data and can plan effectively for the future.

Predictive modeling is at the core of all SIBIA solutions. SIBIA’s team of analysts have expertise in econometrics, statistics or machine learning processes and are able to develop the most appropriate modeling for a business case. The team is capable of generating insights out of both structured and unstructured data.

SIBIA solutions are made affordable yet highly interactive by an optimum mélange of open source softwares, cloud computing and commercial software usage. Most of SIBIA solutions are available in an analytics as a service model, where client’s need not incur any CAPEX, and can enjoy the benefits of analytics only through OPEX. This way, a large number of SMBs can find SIBIA as the most apt solution for their analytics needs.

SIBIA has its clientele across the globe; starting from India, Singapore, spanning across in Europe (UK and Spain) and both the Americas (USA and Brazil). It is currently working in the areas of marketing effectiveness optimization, demand/ sales forecasting, retail operations management, CRM intelligence, social media analytics amongst others.

The company has been established in early 2013 by industry professionals with long experience in predictive analytics and related technologies. In the short span of time, it has created focused solutions targeted to Indian market which takes into account all the dynamics and nuances of Indian market. It has also adopted emerging technologies such as big data methods or social media application development.


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Product highlight:

Mi360, first predictive analytics product from SIBIA, is an India focused marketing investment optimization tool. This helps marketers by enabling them measure the success of their marketing campaigns across mainstream and digital media. This also has a collaborative brand planning tool through which outcomes of marketing plans can be evaluated. The solution is built on the principles of maximizing return on marketing investment (ROMI). Media fragmentation and regional consumer choice and preferences are built in in the modeling process to generate the most accurate marketing ROI measures. The solution is available in a software as a service model.


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