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Silvan launches wireless home automation products for Indian Homes

Silvan launches wireless home automation products for Indian Homes

Silvan, the pioneers of sensible home automation products and solutions in India, launched the new series of retrofit wireless control modules – SIRUS, SIREL, SANSA and LUMOS LITE – at the Electrical Building Technology India (EBTI), 2016. The new products are aimed at making smart yet simple IoT enabled homes for convenience, security and controls of electrical fittings & fixture. The products are ‘Made in India’ and specifically customised for Indian homes and scenarios.

In its latest series of innovations, Silvan has also integrated voice command interface through Amazon Echo, which means that you can nowpic talk to your home by giving a command using the wake word “Alexa” to do certain things within your house. Silvan believes that this has potential to extend the reach of home automation to a wider mass as voice control is more intuitive than app control and since Amazon Echo is the next big thing in Home Automation.

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Voice control is one of the many things Silvan is working towards. The company is committing for an ‘app-less’ strategy, wherein it will enable most of home control functions to be done without the need to use an app. Though app is a good way to use automation, Silvan believes that real mass adoption will happen only when it reaches a level of simplicity where the system just sits in the background and does its job, without needing much intervention from home owners.

Also, simplicity being Silvan’s focal approach to consumer-centric products, the company believes that integrating voice control to its products will make consumers’ experience with Silvan’s products more easy and uncomplicated. Voice control simplifies the interface of home automation system, making it more acceptable by its consumers. It is the most futuristic product that you can own in this age and time.

Over and above these new consumer products, Silvan has launched its first five consumer products – CBELL, SECURE, CUBO, LUMOS, and zPLY – in June 2016. These previously launched products address variety of life needs- entrance management, security, comfort & convenience, and entertainment.

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Speaking about the products Silvan has to offer, Avinash Gautam, CEO, Silvan, said, “Designed and Made for the Indian Home, that’s what Silvan‘s new products are all about. Today, everything is wireless and are operated remotely. Hence, the new products will no doubt do exceptionally well in the market because we are offering what the next-gen home requires. Our products are designed to work self-reliantly without depending on each other, but, it can at the same time, be stitched together as an integrated system when more than one of the items are bought. In fact, product like ours which are energy efficient, Security & Safety products are the most in demand.”

Silvan Innovation Labs has also partnered with Samarth, a service provider for senior citizens, to provide elderly care solutions. Silvan will be providing high-tech support to ensure safety and security of the senior citizens.

About the Products

  1. SIRUS is a wireless retrofit Air Conditioner (AC) control module that enables convenient and easy use of your AC from anywhere. Using your home Wi-Fi, the product makes your AC a true IoT device. SIRUS can fit inside the flap of the split AC unit, thus affecting the aesthetic of the home.
  2. SIREL is a wireless retrofit programmable relay control module that can help regulate curtain motors, gate control, wired and wireless digital locks, hooter, sprinkler systems, etc.
  3. SANSA is a stylish smart wireless smart switch that can act as a programmable scene controller, or can drive loads like lights and fans directly. The product has the option of Infrared remote control, and can fit into a 2-modular electric box. SANSA connects to CUBO using your home Wi-Fi network.

SIRUS and SIREL are Android and IOS compatible, and gives a warm and welcoming home, suitable for all age groups which enables the use of an app as well as the traditional method.

  1. LUMOS LITE is a two-channel wireless light control module which can be installed behind the switches in standard electrical modular boxes. It controls two loads independently using your home Wi-Fi network.
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