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SilverPush triumphs at Quantium Australia start-up event

SilverPush triumphs at Quantium Australia start-up event

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Last month, the Quantium Analytics Start-Up event provided the ideal platform for entrepreneurs and idea enthusiasts to catalyse their concepts on an international stage.

Quantium, a globally recognised leader in the development of data-driven insights and ideas, sought to attract and partner with Australia and India’s best innovators through this venture support initiative.

Two Indian start-ups that were shortlisted flew to Sydney to join seven other teams that qualified in Australia for the finale. The teams were up against a fierce selection of judges from across the data, analytics, digital and technology landscapes, including senior Quantium executives, CEOs, “Apprentice Asia” finalists and senior executives from some of the world’s most respected brands.

Each pitch was judged on various criteria that included how developed the idea was, the traction it had already generated, its adjacency to Quantium’s business model and the potential leverage it had over future data sets. Ideas ranged from agricultural innovation, business research, app monetization and an inventive take on video conferencing.

SilverPush, one of the finalists selected from Quantium India, nabbed the first prize.  SilverPush is a leading cross device mapping platform that uses technology to unify data points from the billions of digital devices around the globe and associates it with consumers. They have provided the biggest players like Google and Phillips, a platform to understand their audience and how best to reach them.

“We had an amazing experience at the Quantium Startup Event 2015 where we were able to meet highly experienced industry veterans and technologists across the globe. The Quantium event indeed provided us with multiple partnership opportunities and gave us a platform to meet with our potential clients like HUL, Google, Ebay etc.” remarked the winning team.

Hangoutt, the second finalist from Quantium India, is an ‘in-app’ reward platform that delivers the ‘drive-to-purchase’ solution. It does this by creating a highly interactive relationship with the target audience.  The rewards form part of the mobile reward network that delivers incentives like gifts, bonuses or discounts for achievements that users attain while using their apps.

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“This was one of the best organised events I have ever attended. We were particularly very happy and enthusiastic with the response we got for our idea and the vision of how Quantium can help us achieve our future goals,” said Apoorv Kakkeri, CEO at Hangoutt.

In addition to the follow up opportunities with SilverPush, Quantium envisions prospects with a number of other teams that presented their ideas at the event.

In the end, the best ideas were not the ones with the best answers, but the ones with the best questions.

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