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A Smart t-shirt Made in India surfaces in the wearable market

A Smart t-shirt Made in India surfaces in the wearable market

Srishti Deoras

After top clothing brands like Arrow having ventured into wearable shirts, there comes another India startup that has launched an unprecedented clothing line, amongst which the wearable T shirts are capturing interests of tech savvy audience prying on fitness goals.

The other interesting technology packed clothes this startup is selling are LED t-shirts that can display any slogan you want using your smartphone and the clothes that glow.

Claiming to be the first ever fitness tracking t-shirt to be sold in the market, the Hyderabad based startup, Broadcast Wearables has named its wearable t-shirt SYGNAL. If its features are to be tracked down, this T shirt like any other fitness tracker pairs up with an app to keep a check on your daily steps, distance covered by walking or running, calories burned, floors climbed etc.

What can it do?

  • Track the steps taken in the entire day
  • Track calories burnt even in the slightest form of exercise
  • Track floors climbed
  • Track the distance walked or run
  • It can navigate to desired location

How it works?

Loaded with a bunch of sensors packed in a small chip, the t-shirt has it placed along with the battery and Bluetooth module in the upper back portion. The Bluetooth syncs all the tracked data with the app, which can be viewed for at least three days.

A soft master switch on the sleeve allows the device to be turned off. The t-shirt also allows to connect with the MAPS app on the phone to help you navigate, which is made possible by the two built-in vibration sensors sewed on both the shoulders. The sensors vibrate according to the direction the map wants you to take.

Available in India for a starting range of INR 2499, it available in a couple of color variants, this combination of hardware and software can be paired with the app which is available in both android and iOS.

If you are wondering about its re-usability, the SYGNAL t-shirt is washable and all the electronics embedded on it are 100% waterproof.

The kickstarter is being crowdfunded on FuelADream online funding marketplace.

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