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Someone Finally Did It: DeepFaked Jim Carrey Into “The Shining”

Someone Finally Did It: DeepFaked Jim Carrey Into “The Shining”

Jim Carrey looks so much like Jack Nicholson that someone just deepfaked him into Nicholson’s most popular cult classic “The Shining”. Infact Carrey is known to impersonate Nicholson in his early career. So many were amused to see this clip from the 1980 horror classic.


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The Youtube channel has a bunch of amusing deepfakes from movie classic and has garnered quite some following in short span. A week back it posted a video with Bill Murray in another cult classic “Full Metal Jacket”.



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These videos by the pseudonymous content creator Ctrl Shift Face points to how quickly deepfakes have become so good and the damaging effect that they potentially can have. The creator is bang on right with this in his bio, “Do not believe everything that you see on the internet ok?”.  The creator uses a commonly available open source tool called DeepFaceLab to create these videos.

DeepFaceLab has become a goto application for developers to create deepfakes easily. There are tons of tutorials available online which just points out how easily accessible this potentially dangerous technology is. There is a youtube tutorial by the actual creator of DeepFaceLab.

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