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Sony Announces Its India-Based Research Company

Sony Announces Its India-Based Research Company

Sony Research India Private Limited

Sony Corporation on Tuesday released a press statement noting that its research company — Sony Research India Private Limited (Sony Research India) — will be effective from July 1st, 2020. Sony Research India will consist of R&D Center India Bengaluru Laboratory and Mumbai Laboratory as part of Sony’s Global R&D centres.

“Through the establishment of Sony Research India, Sony will seek to leverage its multi-sites structure and talent for the excellence of its research. Sony Research India also aims to accelerate the collaboration with its entertainment and electronics business groups, while further enhancing competitiveness and capability of research and development in India,” stated Sony Corporation.

Sony Corporation will also offer career opportunities as it will hire practitioners of cutting-edge technologies such as AI and data analytics. The research centre will work on a wide range of areas to innovate and come up with solutions that can revolutionize the way we carry out several tasks. In particular, the research centre will be foundational to exploring and contributing towards the well-being of the society and the sustainable development ambitions.

On November 14th, 2019, Sony Corporation had announced its plan to establish a research centre to blaze trails in the latest technologies. The first location for the initiative was in Bengaluru, which started in 2020. This came after Sony’s continuous efforts while working with the local talents of India for over 20 years. Consequently, Sony Corporation had planned to open research centres in India. 

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With the new company, Sony Corporation has now diversified its global R&D; it already has its footprints in Japan, the US, Germany, China, the UK, Belgium, and Sweden. “Sony has always strived to expand and further increase the diversity of its global R&D operations, and the establishment of this new research centre in India will empower Sony to continue fulfilling its purpose – namely, to fill the world with emotion, through the power of creativity and technology. Sony seeks to promote research activities and foster the growth of a diverse pool of engineering talent,” the company said while announcing its plan of establishing research centres in India.

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