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Splunk Announces Availability of Cloud Platform On AWS Marketplace

Splunk Announces Availability of Cloud Platform On AWS Marketplace

One of the leaders in data platform, Splunk Inc., recently announced the availability of Splunk Cloud Platform in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace, helping scale companies’ data analytics needs. The availability of Splunk Cloud Platform in AWS Marketplace will empower organizations in India with flexibility in cost management, freedom to provision resources and option to scale, making it faster and easier to implement an additional layer of security to an organization’s already secure AWS environment.

The AWS Marketplace is a curated digital catalog that makes it easy for organizations to discover, procure, entitle, provision and govern third-party software. Indian businesses will be able to seamlessly procure and deploy Splunk Cloud Platform via AWS Marketplace to meet their digital needs. This ensures fast time-to-value for customers leveraging Splunk solutions to gain an additional layer of real-time security and operational and cost management insights across their AWS and hybrid environments.

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“We have witnessed a significant rise in cloud adoption by organizations across India in the past year as cloud technology has given businesses the flexibility they need to thrive. Splunk Cloud Platform’s launch in AWS Marketplace is our latest go-to-market move to bring Splunk Cloud to more businesses in India and address the country’s digitalization needs. This move also reflects our commitment to the Indian market,” said Jyoti Prakash, Regional Sales Director, India & SAARC Countries, Splunk

Splunk Cloud Platform’s availability in AWS Marketplace helps streamline customer adoption via a consolidated purchase environment and integration with AWS accounts with pre-established terms. Additionally, using software as a service (SaaS) contracts, AWS Marketplace bills customers upfront or by the payment schedule that customers define, allowing customers to prepay for Splunk Cloud Platform based on expected usage tiers through contracts up to one year in length.

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